¼ Morocco that was ↠´ Download by â Walter Harris

¼ Morocco that was ↠´ Download by â Walter Harris Morocco that was Pages A remarkable insight from one man deeply involved in the affairs of Morocco in the early years.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, probably because I have been living in Morocco for the last fifteen years, of which eight spent in the Tangier area I therefore know so many of the places he mentions Surpisingly enough, although of course much has changed over the last seventy odd years, I can still detect things which seem to be almost eternal in the Morocco of today Recommended for people who know Morocco beyond the mass tourist view.
Sorry I reviewed wrong book This book is a gift but my husband say he finding it very informative, and enjoying it.
Excellent condition Wonderful descriptions of court life in Morocco at the end of the 19th century It may not be wholly accurate but it is powerfully atmospheric.
A very good guide to Morocco s interesting and complex history Useful background for present day visitors.
I read this book while on holiday in Morocco and thought it improved the experience Lot s of interesting things about how Morocco used to be The preface to this book explains the unsatisfactory method of scanning used It admits characters are garbled, unrecognised and unrecogisable and even marks on the original may be a deterrent to understanding the text.
So, I ask, what is the point While they hope to improve their scanning methods, are we expected to read something that is difficult to understand at best and undecipherable at worst Don t waste even 99p on this disappointing edition You l learn nothing about Morocco, lots about bad digitalisation.
The book seems to be some sort of scanned copy of an original Some characters well, around 40 percent of them are unreadable Not worth the time to ask for a reimbursement since it is so cheap but it s disappointing not to be able to read it should check these things out before putting a book on sale.