Trailer è Movement Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies by Gray Cook (2011-08-02) PDF by ✓

Trailer è Movement Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies by Gray Cook (2011-08-02) PDF by ✓ By Using Systematic Logic And Revisiting The Natural Developmental Principals All Infants Employ As They Learn To Walk, Run And Climb, Gray Forces A New Look At Motor Learning, Corrective Exercise And Modern Conditioning Practices The Discoveries, Lessons And Approaches You Ll Learn How To View And Measure Movement Quality Alongside Quantity How To Ascertain Dysfunctional Patterns With The Functional Movement Screen What Clinicians Need To Know About The Selective Functional Movement Assessments When To Apply Corrective Strategies And How To Determine Which Strategies To Use How To Map Movement Patterns And Understand Movement As A Behavior And Not Just As A Mechanical Idea This Book Is Not Simply About The Anatomy Of Moving Structures Rather, It Serves A Broader Purpose To Help The Reader Understand Authentic Human Movement, And How The Brain And Body Create And Learn Movement Patterns Our Modern Dysfunctions Are A Product Of Our Isolated And Incomplete Approaches To Exercise Imposed On Our Sedentary Lifestyles A Return To Movement Principles Can Create A Comprehensive Exercise And Rehabilitation Model, A Model That Starts With Movement This Text Refers To The Hardcover Edition for anyone in the fitness industry, this book will help your clients tremendously a great tool for personal trainers, coaches etc.
This is a book that deserves to be called a Modern Classic and should be in the library of every movement and healthcare professional There are very few such books Buy this and read it over and over.
I ve only read the preface in its entirety and glanced at the rest but to this point I m very impressed.
There are exercises I have trouble performing, others I do very well and I believe this book will both explain why and show me how to correct those weaknesses Detailed explanation of the process and reasoning for his movement tests indicates detailed study, practice and thought THank you Gray.
Well written and easy to follow.
Great for those who use the FMS and wantinformation and correctives.
I needed this book when I first started training It s in depth but simple I will be using it for years to come in my personal training practice.
The whole premise of the book is to have an objective system and understanding to work against Whilst Gray Cook s knowledge is incredible I felt the book was lacking a do this type recommendationsalthough I understand Grays reluctance to do this and his reasons for this I cannot help but feel disappointed Grays knowledge has definitely made me question my own practice and my decisions for my programming with my athletes as well as my systembut the book providesquestions than answers Although a useful read it could have been a lot shorter I m still only in the first part of the book I m a slow reader , and I find this book to be great Not only it validates my experience in martial arts, but it also reflects what I am seeing around me Pragmatic, this book can give great insights to a lot of people.
Productive and usefull for anyone who moves.
So everybody But especially for those who deal with developing movement, ecquiring skills or rehabilitation.
There are insight ls and valuable lessons here for everyone as movers but as learners or doers Masters of any subject can provided us with insights in to all subjects.