[ Read Online Amazon.com: Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty eBook: Samir P. Desai: Kindle Store ✓ yaoi PDF ] by Samir P Desai à g-couture.co.uk

[ Read Online Amazon.com: Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty eBook: Samir P. Desai: Kindle Store ✓ yaoi PDF ] by Samir P Desai Ã

Q A With Dr Samir DesaiIn , You Wrote The Book Medical School Interview Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty Why Did You Decide To Now Write This New Book The Book We Wrote InHad An Overview Of The MMI Process At The Time Of That books Publication, OnlyOr So US Medical Schools Had Adopted The MMI As An Admissions Interview Tool Since Then, The Popularity Of The MMI Has Exploded In The US And We Now Have OverAllopathic Medical Schools Utilizing This Relatively New Interview Format Of Course, In Canada Where The MMI Was Developed, It Continues To Be The Interview Format Of Choice At Most Schools It Was Clear To Me That We Needed A Detailed Resource To Help Applicants Prepare For The MMIWas There Anything Else That Motivated You To Write This Book I Have Received A Number Of Emails From Applicants Parents Across The Country, Expressing Concern About The MMI How Should I Prepare For The MMI What Are Raters Interviewers Looking For What Are Common Mistakes These Were Just A Few Of The Questions I Received, And There Seemed To Be A Relative Lack Of Resources And Guidance For MMI PreparationParticularly Distressing To Me Were The Heartbreaking Stories Some Applicants Shared With Me In Some Cases, Applicants Had Only A Single MMI Interview, And Everything Hinged On Their MMI Performance Sadly, Things Didnt Work Out, And That Bothered Me Because I Really Felt That These Applicants Had The Potential To Make Some Important Contributions To Our Profession So This Was Another Driving Force For Me To Write This Book My Desire To Help Worthy Applicants Rise To The Occasion So That Schools Do Not Overlook Or Reject ThemIs This Book Only For Medical School Applicants Not At All Its Written To Empower All Students Preparing For The MMI It Doesnt Matter If Youre A Medical School, Pharmacy School, Vet School, Or Dental School Applicant Youll Find The Detailed Advice, Strategies For Success, And Sample MMI Scenarios With Explanations Incredibly UsefulIs This Book Only For US Students Canadian Medical Students Will Find That There Is A Section In The Book Devoted To Canadian Medical Schools No Matter Where You Are In The World, However, I Am Confident That This Book Will Meet Your NeedsAre There Any Applicants That May Be At A Disadvantage The MMI Is Difficult, And Therefore I Recommend That Every Applicant Put Forth The Necessary Time And Effort However, Research Has Shown That The MMI Process May Favor Extroverts This Is Of Obvious Concern For Introverted Applicants But My Experience Has Shown That Introverted Applicants Can Do Well With The Proper Preparation We Address Some Of This In The BookWhat Else Would You Like To Tell Applicants If Youve Received An Interview, I Would Like To Congratulate You With The Intense Competition For Spots, Its An Honor To Receive An Interview Invitation Now With This Invitation In Hand, Theres Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done Although The MMI Is Challenging, Its Not Insurmountable, And You Can Do Well This Book Will Give You An Insiders Perspective Based On Available Research Done On The MMI And The Viewpoints Of Dozens Of Admissions Officials With This Specific Advice And Actionable Strategies, You Will Maximize Your Chances Of MMI Success Feel Free To Email Me With Questions, And Please Do Let Me Know When You Get In Its Always A Joy For Me To Hear About Your Success Best Of LuckE MULTIPLE MINI INTERVIEW IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN ADMISSIONS DECISIONSThe MMI Was Developed To Measure Specific Non Cognitive Qualities That Schools Have Deemed Important What Are These Qualities, And How Can Students Emphasize Them During Interviews In One Study, % Of Interviewees Rated The MMI As Worse Than The Traditional Interview What Were Their Concerns At One School, % Of Interviewed Candidates Received A Do Not Recommend Rating Each Year What Are The Behaviors And Attitudes That Lead Schools To Reject Applicants What Is Assessor Fatigue, And How Can It Affect Your MMI Score Your Interview Score Will Depend Heavily On Your Communication Skills What Are The Common Communication Problems Encountered During The MMI How Can You Use The Limited Time That You Have At Each Station To Deliver Memorable And Impressive Responses That Stand Out Utilizing A Unique Combination Of Evidence Based Advice And An Insiders Perspective, This Book Will Help You Achieve Your Ultimate Goal MEDICAL SCHOOL