È My Uncle Napoleon: A Novel ó Download by ï Iraj Pezeshkzad

È My Uncle Napoleon: A Novel ó Download by ï Iraj Pezeshkzad good book, strongly recommend it.
The Most Beloved Iranian Novel Of The Twentieth CenturyGod Forbid, Ive Fallen In Love With Layli So Begins The Farce Of Our Narrators Life, One Spent In A Large Extended Iranian Family Lorded Over By The Blustering, Paranoid Patriarch, Dear Uncle Napoleon When Uncle Napoleons Least Favorite Nephew Falls For His Daughter, Layli, Family Fortunes Are Reversed, Feuds Fired Up And Resolved, And Assignations Attempted And Thwarted First Published In Iran In The S And Adapted Into A Hugely Successful Television Series, This Beloved Novel Is Now Suggested Reading In Azar Nafisis Reading Lolita In Tehran My Uncle Napoleon Is A Timeless And Universal Satire Of First Love And Family Intrigue A must read for IraniansThis book is part of our culture and we should pass it to the next generations as well.
This book is absolutely the funniest thing that I have ever read, seen or heard I read it while commuting to and from work and many times I would have my fellow passengers staring at me because of my frequent outbursts of laughter and the almost constant grin on my face.
Many of the characters are farcical but they are all well defined and believable This classic of modern Iranian literature is perfectly translated, to the point that after reading this English version my Iranian girlfriend told me that Dick Davis had completely captured the spirit and humour of the Farsi original Any of the cultural differences that might be confusing to the western reader are fully explained in the translator s prologue and do not present any problems in fully appreciating the novel.
This is a brilliant farcical parody with superb moments of emotion.
Thanks My Uncle Napoleon is a hilarious examination of a part of Iranian society in the 1940 s The character development is the strongest aspect of the book and the situational comedy is also very good I recently read A Confederacy of Dunces these two novels share many qualities.
My Uncle Napoleon gives a portrayal of Iran that is very different from what is provided by the mainstream press While the aristocratic characters belong to a place and time that is long gone, the mannerisms and character types satirized in the book are still present to some degree in many Iranians.
Read this book if you want a good laugh or a glimpse of Iranian culture you could not otherwise get.

This tale is hilarious, and its ingenious capacity for creative self mockery is a triumph of Iran s spirit over its unlimited paranoia very well translated I love the story and the main character