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[ Read Online New Hope for Concussions TBI & PTSD ¼ love PDF ] by Dr. Lawrence D Komer ↠´ Although the editor could have done another proof read for typos and grammar errors, the content of this book is invaluable As I ve been learning, Post Concussion Syndrome does not have a simple fix It islike a jig saw puzzle, and it takes a lot of pieces fit together to solve the puzzle This book gives insights into what some of those pieces might be Anyone who has struggled will be happy if they can find another piece of the puzzle in this book, which I am sure they will I do hope a future edition will include a chapter on audiology and the ears But definitely a worthy read.
I am not even 1 4 of the way into this book and I have learned so much already I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from any sort of brain injury or concussion.
Well this is a first I received the book and it s printed upside down when the cover is up the pages are down and the pages are printed backwards the book starts with pg 215, the book is bound on the right side instead of left I have never seen anything like it Clearly not a lot of care went into printing this book and there is zero quality control How many ways can they mess up a print See the photo showing the cover and the first page that is bound on the right.
I found this book very helpful in my recovery and appreciated reading the personal stories especially the one on Dr Komer s daughter The book also has a chapter on recommended supplements I started seeing Dr Komer last year and learned that I have hypothyroidism I was always told by my family doctor that my bloodwork was normal but I didn t feel good Dr Komer prescribed dessicated thyroid along with the other supplements he recommends It took a while, but after about 1.
5 months, I started to notice a difference in my energy levels and mood I would highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with a concussion, post concussion symptoms or a traumatic brain injury.
Great information I am going to follow up.
General knowledge good for those with no understanding of either.
If You, Or Someone You Love, Have Had A Concussion, Whiplash Or Brain Injury This Book Is For YouDr Larry Komer And Joan Chandler Komer Offer New Hope To Those With Brain Injuries Millions Of People Of All Ages Experience Concussions Many Others Have A Serious Event Known As A Traumatic Brain Injury Battlefield Injuries Often Include Concussions Or A TBI These Brain Injuries Can Lead To A Complex Condition Known As PTSD That Can Alter A Person S Life, Family And Community PTSD Is A Serious Condition That Often Is Difficult To Treat % Of Sufferers Of PTSD Also Have TBI Conventional Diagnosis And Treatment Of These Conditions Often Include, I Am Sorry There Is Nothing We Can Do It Is A Prescription For Despair And HopelessnessThis Book Will Help You Explore What Concussions, TBI And PTSD Are This Will Be Helpful For The Injured Person, Their Family, And For Healthcare Professionals Dr Komer Shares His Insights From The Successful Treatment Of Many Patients At The Komer Brain Institute Self Esteem Coach, And Educator Joan Chandler Adds Her Valuable Perspectives On How To Cope With Disappointments And Loss Often Associated With Injuries Together, They Share A Powerful Message Of Hope For The Treatment Of Concussions, TBI, And PTSDTopics Include Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, PTSD, Depression, Suicide, Supplements, Hormones, Sports, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Motor Vehicle Accidents MVA, Treatment, First Responders, Veterans, Military, Men S Health, Brain Health, Women S Health, And Functional MedicineWe Are Pleased To Note That The Foreword Of This Book Is By The Beloved Jack Canfield, Co Author Of TheNew York Times Bestseller S List, Chicken Soup For The Soul New Hope For Concussions, TBI And PTSD Includes Chapters Contributed By William S Cook, Jr MD Who Is A Board Certified PsychiatristDr Blair Lamb, MD, FCFP, A Physician, Who Practices In The Field Of Rehabilitative Pain MedicineAndrew Marr, A Former Special Forces Green Beret, And Founder Of Warrior Angels FoundationDr Patrick Quaid, Neuro Optometrist, FCOVD, PhD, A Neuro OptometristSome Of The Topics Include Motor Vehicle Accidents Sports Military Service Slip Fall Diagnosis Treatment Relationships Anxiety Grief Depression Brain HealthThe Chapters In The Book Are Get Checked Before You Back In The Game Unlocking The Prison HormonesRiding The Roller Coaster Balancing Act Should My Child Play Sports First Responders Our Unspeakable Loss A Story Of Hope There Is Nothing More We Can Do Doctor, I Have This Friend The One And Only You Brain Food New Hope Mental Gymnastics Forgive And Forget An Unexpected Companion Minding Your Moments Legal Challenges Anti Aging Strategies For Your Brain It Takes A Team Try To Remember Spinal Concussion Syndrome Battlefield TBI We MUST Dispel The Myth Of Is Perfect Vision Doctor To Doctor The Choices Are Yours books To read Corporate Wellness Productivity Help And Hope For Veterans Sports Consultant Consulting Services The Komer Women S Health Centre The Masters Men S Clinic The Komer Traumatic Brain Institute Be Menopositive Seminar Be Andropositive Seminar Brain Health Seminar The Komer MethodThe Book Was Written To Be Helpful For People From All Walks Of Life, In Addition To Those In The Health ProfessionsIf You, Or Someone You Love, Has Suffered A Concussion, TBI, Or Another Brain Injury This Book Is For You Been struggling with all 3 symptoms This book was amazing.
Very helpful book Easy to understand Medical information and good chapters on living with challenges.
As a pcs sufferer I d deffinaty buy this book and have a referral to see this Dr Have spent 240 on his suggested supliments All these brain injury supliments are expensive but researched and expect results Good book for lay persons or all the Dr s who haven t a clue about concussions but might seem too simplistic if closed minded Well worth the money compared to some I ve wasted money on.