º One Foot in Eden: A Celtic View of the Stages of Life Í Download by ✓ J. Philip Newell

º One Foot in Eden: A Celtic View of the Stages of Life Í Download by ✓ J. Philip Newell A mirror for all stages of life, wisdom that might come from a valued friend A good hand hold for those dark times, and a reminder that maintaining personal peace is the only way A very well read man who seasons his writing with spicy quotes anywhere from one to ten A leader who is very much one of the people.
Written By The Former Warden Of The Iona Community, This Book Reflects On The Stages Of Life As Seen By Celtic Tradition Step By Step The Author Describes Our Pilgrimage From The Invitation Of Birth, Through The Passions Of Youth And Adulthood, To The Wisdom Of Experience, To Death S Return To God Each Stage Has Its Own Grace That Can Be Awakened At Any Time And That Can Release Our Inborn Passion And Creativity, The Traces Of The Divine Image Woven Into The Very Fabric Of Our Being This Celtic Focus Is Unique Among Today S Life Stages books One Foot In Eden Concentrates On The Celtic Celebration Of The Essential Goodness Of Life Not To Deny Evil And Sin But To Rejoice In Redemption Drawing From The Benedictine Tradition Of Meditation, From Lectio Divina, From Celtic Saints, And From Celtic Literature, The Book Helps Brush Away Our Layers Of Confusion To Find What Is Deepest And Truest In Each Of Us Each Chapter Is A Graceful Meditation On A Stage Of Life, Ending With An Exercise That Can Be Used By Either Individuals Or Groups Perfect For Spiritual Seekers, Those Interested In Their Heritage, Those Interested In Creation Spirituality, As Well As Members Of Prayer Groups, Seasonal Parish Programs, And Small Faith Communities Brings together developmental thought with this interesting and little studied but often romanticized Christian Tradition This would be a good work for even secular help professional to work with their Christian clients in a meaningful way.
I nice surprise for me was the meditative comtemplative exercises Newell included at the end of each chapter They present a ready made way to practice a spiritual journey no mater what your status.
Great book about the stages of life Loved the exercises at the end of each chapter.
Our group has just begun reading this book I like the way that it connects to the Celtic traditions The chapters could contain information for discussions.
Not the typical western approach to spirituality.

This is a great book for getting your Celtic feet wet If you are not sure about Celtic theology then this book can get you started It introduces the reader to basic Celtic theology That s what it did for me.
This book shines a light on the stages of life Not really stages but seasons They aren t something really dictated by time or age, but my walk with God and where one is in relation to God.
Overall, it s a good, quick, read that is also deep and insightful.
For those of us who have a deep restless need to have a contemplative, practical and real christian walk, this little book is packed full of scripture based timeless wisdom and insight into the essential elements that influence and characterize the Celtic, and indeed, indigenous way of viewing human progress through life.
The essential unblemished beauty and holiness of God found in the form and face of a baby.
The wonder of childhood as the world is beheld for the first time, along with the innocence of love and trust.
The explosive energy of self discovery that is essential for adolescence.
Newell takes the reader on a journey through these stages until the end To a stage he calls Death as Return, where we return back to our creator.
With each chapter, he gives the reader valuable and provocative wisdom that challenges us regardless of stage of life or age.
The book is written for contemplation, and for re visiting.
A beautiful and practical book.