[Mandy Retzlaff] ï One Hundred and Four Horses: A Memoir of Farm and Family, Africa and Exile [income-tax PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý g-couture.co.uk

[Mandy Retzlaff] ï One Hundred and Four Horses: A Memoir of Farm and Family, Africa and Exile [income-tax PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý If you love horses, and even better if you love Africa, this is a super book to read very honest and very interesting.
Herat ending book, pity about poor quality paper

This book is a real salute to those who care This book is incredibly moving, both sad and joyful and will have you weeping buckets As a fellowZimbabwean, it is good to have on record what it was like for a family to be expelled from their farm and a wonderful testament to this brave couple who refused to abandon their horses to a horrible fate, and saved their horses and many others.
There Is Little In This World That A Family Cannot Endure, If Endure They Must For We All Have It Within Us To Lose Everything, Absolutely Everything, And Still Find Strength In The Most Simple, Beautiful ThingsPat And Mandy Retzlaff Lived A Hard But Satisfying Farming Life In Zimbabwe Working All Hours Of The Day On Their Sprawling Ranch And Raising Three Boisterous Children, They Savored The Beauty Of The Veld And The Diverse Wildlife That Grazed The Meadows Outside Their Dining Room Window After Their Children, The Couple S True Pride And Joy Were Their Horses But In Early , The Retzlaffs Lives Were Thrown Into Turmoil When Armed Members Of President Robert Mugabe S War Veterans Association Began Invading The Farmlands Owned By White Zimbabweans And Violently Reclaiming The Land Under The Threat Of Death, The Family Was Forced To Flee, Leaving Behind A Lifetime S Possessions And Becoming Exiles In The Only Country They Had Ever Called Home As Other Families Across The Country Fled, They Left Behind Not Only Their Homes But Dozens Of Horses Devoted Animal Lovers, Pat And Mandynow Essentially Homeless Themselvesvowed To Save These Horses Shere Khan, The Queen Of The Herd Tequila, The Escape Artist Forever Breaking Free And Trying To Walk Back To His original Home Grey, The Silver Gelding And Leader Princess, The Temperamental Mare And The Numerous Others They Rescued Along The Way One Hundred And Four Horses Is A Love Story And An Epic Tale Of Survival And Unbreakable Bondsthose That Hold Us To Land And Family, But Also Those Between Man And The Most Majestic Of Animals, The Horse