Download Epub Format ↠´ Oval: A Novel PDF by õ Elvia Wilk

Download Epub Format ↠´ Oval: A Novel PDF by õ Elvia Wilk A Fascinating Near Future Exploration Of Relationships, Sustainability, And Power An Extraordinarily Accomplished Debut Novel Jeff VanderMeer, Author Of Borne And Annihilation Elvia Wilk S Oval Is A Marvel At The Core Of This Seductive, Acute, Superbly Contemporary Update Of Mid Period JG Ballard Lies A Deep Beating, Deep Dreaming Heart Jonathan Lethem In The Near Future, Berlin S Real Estate Is Being Flipped In The Name Of Sustainability, Only To Make The City Even Unaffordable Artists Are Employed By Corporations As Consultants, And The Weather Is Acting Strange When Anja And Louis Are Offered A Rent Free Home On An Artificial Mountain Yet Another Eco Friendly Initiative Run By A Corporation They Seize The Opportunity, But It Isn T Long Before The Experimental House Begins Malfunctioning After Louis S Mother Dies, Anja Is Convinced He Has Changed At Work, Louis Has Become Obsessed With A Secret Project A Pill Called Oval That Temporarily Rewires The User S Brain To Be Generous While Anja Is Horrified, Louis Believes He Has Found The Solution To Berlin S Income Inequality Oval Is A Fascinating Portrait Of The Unbalanced Relationships That Shape Our World, As Well As A Prescient Warning Of What The Future May Hold This book intrigues and mystifies as Elvia Wilk s writing on the art consulting world is both candid and sublime.
I consumed the story intently, with immense enjoyment and a touch of alarm I m still contemplating all of its many intricacies HPH

Well written and oh so interesting The dystopian world is a wonderful backdrop for exploring the intersections of identity in a post modern era Wilk provides really interesting insights into many contemporary issues that drive gendered identities and the dystopian setting makes the discomfort of the trade offs we all make, stand out starkly I found this a really thought provoking and interesting novel I cannot wait to read the next one.
Needs a new editor My book club, for a change, was in agreement on this book Not one of us gave it than 2 stars It is not exhilarating or any of the other words on the blurb It plods, has a weak story line, erratically edited,None of us would recommend it.