Download Epub Format ✓ Pagan Portals - Fairy Queens: Meeting The Queens Of The Otherworld PDF by ↠´ Morgan Daimler

Download Epub Format ✓ Pagan Portals - Fairy Queens: Meeting The Queens Of The Otherworld PDF by ↠´ Morgan Daimler Pagan Portals Fairy Queens by Morgan DaimlerBook Review by Dawn Thomas102 PagesPublisher John Hunt Publishing Moon booksRelease Date September 27, 2019Celtic Religions, Spirituality, Paganism Neo Paganism, New Age, GoddessesThe book includes many women that are considered Faeries Fae , Queens, and or Goddesses The author does an excellent job including the history and lore of many of these women She includes basic manners if you meet a Fairy Queen including what not to do There is a breakdown of the different Courts of Fairies which is important to know if you meet one There are ways to honor the Fairy Queens along with Journeys to meet them These Fairy Queens are included Queen of ElflandNicnevin and Cyre CarlinAineAoibheallCliodhnaUnaTitaniaMorgen le FayGlorianaI really like the meditations she includes along with the different journeys to meet different fairies I love the mention of Jim Butcher s Dresden Files series.
Mysterious And Intriguing, The Queens Of Fairy Have Been Intertwined With Mortal Lives And Imaginations For As Long As We Have Had Myth And Folklore Goddesses To Some, Fictional Characters To Others, These Powerful Queens Are Bound Up In The History Of Witchcraft And Still Have A Role To Play Today This Book Takes A Look At Who The Fairy Queens Are, Explores Some Of Their Individual Stories, And Considers How We Can Still Connect To Them And Honor Them In The World Today I finished this last night It is going on my list of favorite resources The works cited throughout the book make it easy to do further research, but it s not necessary because the information included stands well on its own I like the way this book is organized with individual chapters on each Queen to gain information whether for practice or just for research I like that the order chapter on each Queen are presented in order of difficulty approaching, beginning with easiest to be very careful when approaching The suggestions for offerings and possible items to include on an altar or shine are very helpful because it adds another element to get to know each of the Queens The sections that give modern interpretations are presented without bias and lets the individual create their own perceptions based on historical evidence as well as inspired information This book is unique for both the practitioner and the person looking for well grounded research Another great book from Morgan Daimler.
This quick, engaging read is definitely worth checking out if you re interested in bringing fae magick to your practice I love that it brings three levels of information historical, anecdotal, and guided meditations so that you can experience the Fairy Queens for yourself.
As far as first looks go, I personally wouldn t use this to dive into Fairy for the first time That s probably just me, but given how cautionary the author is about not offending them, I want to get to know the other realm before marching into a Fae court like I own the place And while the cautions start to feel repetitious, what I know about the fair folk says that it s warranted However, this is definitely recommended for those who want to go deeper into the fairy lands.
Note I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

A fantastic look at the legendary queens of the Fae folk Especially in Ireland and the United Kingdom in general Be prepared for a journey into the unknown with this book A great book if you want to know the Fae or Faery folk s rulers And how to interact with them.
This book by author Morgan Daimler should have wide appeal While Ms Daimler included step by step instructions for those who have the desire to visit with the queens, she also recognizes that there are readers who are curious or just wish to add to their personal knowledge of fairies The author is respectful toward all readers, never shutting anyone out.
Ms Daimler begins with the rules of proper conduct when dealing with the Good People fairies , especially with the Fairy Queens She explains that in the upcoming chapters, outlines are provided for those who wish either a guided meditation or a journey to Fairy The initial meditation involves meeting your Fairy Guide who will help you in your future journeys into the Otherworld.
The author then takes us on journeys to visit with the Scottish and then the Irish Fairy Queens These are not descriptions of Ms Daimler s personal journeys rather, they are built for the reader to use for a journey to Fairy Each also includes a section to allow the traveler time to experience the visit.
The last part of the book covers the Queens in literature before moving on to what the author refers to as Pop Culture Fairy Queens those featured in modern writing The book concludes with a final chapter aimed at those folks who are seeking to journey to Fairy and connect with the queens.
For a small book, there is much knowledge and Ms Daimler is diligent about presenting the information in a manner that will be interesting to people studying the folklore while still function as a guide for those who wish to actively engage with the Queens I recommend this book to both groups Five stars.
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