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[ Pdf Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid ã esoterica PDF ] by Joanna van der Hoeven ↠´ Druidry Is A Wonderful, Spiritually Fulfilling Life Path Through The Magic That Is Druidry, We Build Deep And Abiding Relationships With The Natural World Around Us, And Through Our Connection To The Natural Environment We Walk A Path Of Truth, Honour And Service We Aim To Immerse Ourselves In The Present Moment, In The Present Environment, In Order To Share In The Blessing That Is The Cycle Of Life Throughout The Ages, People Have Withdrawn From The World In Order To Connect Fully With It This Book Is An Introductory Guide For Those Who Wish To Walk The Druid Path Alone, For However Long A Time It Is About Exploration And Connection With The Natural World, And Finding Our Place Within It It Covers The Basics Of Druidry And How, When Applied To The Everyday Life, Enriches It With A Sense Of Beauty, Magic And Mystery This Book Is For Those People Who Feel Called To Seek Their Own Path, To Use Their Wit And Intelligence, Compassion And Honour To Create Their Own Tradition Within Druidry Personally, I found that this book had little to say The author seemed to repeat the same basic ideas over and over again in the attempt to fill it out to book length It was a very easy read, but I finished it and didn t really feel like I had learned all that much that I hadn t already figured out for myself Rather too repetitive and simple for my taste.
The book is really well research and presented, good writing and presentation of the subject just a really great introduction, 101 course that I lay the foundation that are really important I love Druidry and what it is all about Some pearls of wisdom in this book stayed with me and had an impact.
I bought the kindle version that was about 3 and that is perfect, because it was too much for beginners for me I gave a 4 stars so thank you to the author now I am going to get books on that subject Glad I found it This book is good for anyone interested in this area It helped to put into words what I ve been feeling It s good to get another s point of view.
A great read for a beginner on the path.