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↠´ Read ☆ Plant Based Recipes for Dogs | A Nutritional Lifestyle Guide: Feed Your Dog for Health & Longevity (Vegan Dog Lifestyle Book 1) by Heather Coster ☆ There Is Information And Studies That Prove Dogs Can Live A Happy And Healthy Life On A Plant Based Diet This Informative Lifestyle Guide And Vegan Cookbook For Dogs Includes Extensive Content Into What Foods Promote Health And Aid Longevity, Whilst Explaining Why Feeding Dogs Commercial Dog Food Is Not Just Harming And Compromising The Health Of Our Dogs But Is Also Devastating Our Planet Plant Based Recipes For Dogs Shows You Exactly How To Create Nutritionally Balanced Meals That Are Sure To Win Over Even The Fussiest Eater With OverDelicious Nutritious Recipes Including Treats, Complete Meals, Fast Food Ideas, Kong Fillings, Homemade Remedies And Much , Including Sweet Potato Chew Strips Coconut Pineapple Cookies Peanut Pillow Bites Apple Ginger Balls Parsley Mint Breath Bones Quinoa Protein Power Dinner Buddha Bark Bowl Mixed Bean Vegetable Salad Pearl Barley Lentil Dog Meal Scrambled Tofu Vegan Sausages I like this book.
Very informative with great recepies.
Good variety of recipes, better than expected.
Great cookbook Every dog owner needs this book Not just for the recipes but the information about nutrition and how domestic dogs use it My german shepherd recently was diagnosed with IBS which in turn gives him Colitis inflamed colon due to animal products in his diet He has been on steroids to manage it for over a year now, but he is on such a small dose now because I switched him to a vegan diet and cut all the animal products from it He loves the treats I make him from the recipes in this book I bought this book on a recommendation because my dog Abby has furunculosis which is incurable I had a long conversation via email with the lady who suggested a veggie diet.
Along with this new diet, which we are introducing very slowly we are using Aloe Vera to treat the skin when the problem is It is healing slowly.
The book is a godsend and I must admit she is now behaving like a 2 year old puppy she is just over 10 years old.
So my advise is, if your dog is unhappy with its diet try this book after all if we ate human flesh we would be called cannibals a dog eats animal flesh I rest my case.
The information highway for plant based recipes for dogs As a bit of a newbie to this kind of thinking this has really opened my mind to the horrors of what goes into commercial food I am not saying that I feed my dogs these recipes on a daily basis but they do have them at least three times a week My 5 rescue dogs prefer these home cooked recipes rather than the canned stuff I bought before, so that to me is a realisation that I should do itoften I also must comment on the negative review stating the editing and grammar was rather poor As an English teacher at university level I did not spot one error Suggest the reviewer is somewhat down on the veganism for dogs ethic rather than giving it the 5 rating it deserves.
Great book explains things well, would love a littledetail