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[Judith Miller] æ Pocket Collectibles Handbags [polish-literature PDF] Read Online ✓ Written By An International Expert, A Series Of Compact, Richly Illustrated Guides Furnishes Up To Date Information On Purchasing, Valuing, Selling, And Collecting A Variety Of Popular Antiques And Collectibles, Using A Star Rating System To Indicate The Value Of Each Item, Information On Influential Designers And Makers, And Hundreds Of Full Color Photographs A survey has found that an American woman owns an average of six handbags Judith MillerJudith Miller has captured handbags in all their intricate beauty Many of these bags exist in museums and it is very unlikely that we could observe them all in a lifetime So, this book is invaluable in that regard Like Judith Miller s book on perfume bottles, this book exceeds expectations.
The bags range in age from Pre 1890s to the 1970s and present day selections Each chapter contains historical information, unique quotes and full color pictures showing the most intricate details and evolution of the beloved handbag Here we find the original mobile phone, a phone that is shaped as a bag that actually can be plugged in to make calls One can only imagine those surprise long distance charges after a friend stops by for a visit.
Red velvet Turkish bags with gold embroidery and French beaded purses all live happily amongst pages displaying everything from beadwork to precious metals and leather There are purses shaped like phones, flowers, accordions, boxes, baskets, wicker parasols, birdhouses, birds and adorable toy rabbits If you have any interest in Vintage clothes, you may rather enjoy reading about the magazine clutch bag.
With over 400 designs to choose from, this is the ultimate handbag book, it could even fit in a handbag You will be left with a feeling of I simply must have that bag on page However, it is probably in a museum and one can only hope a designer finds this book and makes a modern replica From the playful to the elegant, there is something to enjoy and many memorable handbags are featured in this wonderful book The Rebecca Review

Met my expectations.
to, flaws and all Interesting aside 2 of the reviews shown for this book are actually about her perfume book and her metal toys book Pay attention, I am happy to give this book 3 stars, but this is based on the photos alone I love all purse books and enjoy finding a photo of a vintage bag I ve not seen before However, this book is full of inaccuracies Some Collins of Texas bags are identified as Enid Collins bags There is a big difference to collectors anyone halfway knowledgeable about these bags knows the difference Ouch, I even cringed to see an Enid bag shown with the original leather straps replaced by metal chains, then represented as original when, in fact, the bag has been butchered and ruined A few bags are placed in the wrong time period There is a celluloid bag identified as bakelite, a ridiculous mistake in my opinion In addition, there are some purse she calls lucite that actually were produced in the style of lucite handbags but, in fact, are a cheaper non lucite plastic It makes a big difference in pricing and desirablity And speaking of pricing, take all of her price guides with a huge grain of salt I have collected, bought, and sold lucite handbags for nearly 20 years and know them cold Her prices are wildly all over the board She either had bad advice or just plain guessed Many are priced way too high, some are even too low This is an ongoing problem with appraisers they simply do not have enough precise experience with these bags and the actual marketplace to be accurate I think the problem with this book is the age old problem Judith knows a little bit about a lot of things she produces so many collectible books about so many unrelated subjects , but is not an expert on any of them At least, if she s an expert on some type of collectibles, it s definitely not vintage handbags In addition, the layout which makes you turn the book sideways to read what she s written about each purse correct or incorrect as it may be was very annoying Still, I love the photos and, as an avid, passionate vintage purse collector, I must have every book on the subject If you feel the same way, you ll have to have it people.