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[ Pdf Rabbit Hunting: Secrets of a Master Cottontail Hunter µ albanian-literature PDF ] by Dave Fisher Ö Excellent Introduction To Hunting Cottontails And Snowshoe Hares And Raising Beagles To Run Rabbits In The OutdoorsContains Tips That Apply From The Appalachia Mountains To The Pacific OceanAuthor And Expert Hunter Dave Fisher Shares Multiple Stories Of His Own Hunting TripsThis Book Is A Fantastic Guide For Anyone Interested In Both Training Beagles To Run Rabbits And Hunting Rabbits Author Dave Fisher Has Spent Years In The Outdoors, Camping And Hiking In The Wilderness He Shares His Experience In This Book To Teach New Hunters How To Do What He Does And How To Avoid Common MistakesThis Thorough Book Studies Topics Including Cottontail Personalities, Rabbit Natural History And Survival Techniques, Typical Hiding Places For Rabbits, The Behavior Of Rabbits When Hunted, And Much The Many Parts Of Beagling Are Also Discussed Over Photos And Illustrations Add To The Authors Instructions I bought this book based upon the reviews, which are accurate I got exactly what I wanted an authoritative text on rabbit hunting and beagling One additional benefit was common sense discussion of dog ownership in general I now feel confident to buy my first beagle.
I had a few questions this book did not answer, such as Does choice of shotgun or load matter Does the role of family pet interfere with hunting performance why do all the author s dogs sleep in pens What is the value of technology available to beaglers today GPS on dogs, etc Other than that, pretty comprehensive and an excellent resource.
I plan to purchase Dave Fisher s other books on hunting rabbit and hare I am glad I bought the hard cover version it is worth the money.
I enjoyed the book and read it very quickly It is a nice introduction to beagling Some of the rabbit hunting stories get a little repetitive dog jumps rabbit, dog chases rabbit, they kill rabbit All in in all a great buy for someone who is interesting in beagles As has been said by others, this is not a book on rabbit hunting without a dog.
This is a most excellent resource, and it s apparent early on that Dave Fisher is passionate about rabbit hunting and is exceptionally good at it, but it was also equally apparent to me that this book is primarily aimed at hunters who use dogs, which I don t While most of the book is devoted to how to use dogs as opposed to basic techniques to out wit those waskly wabbits , I still found the book useful and informative.
Not very many secrets in here Just basic common sense If get a dog is a secret then The title is very misleading The author doe en excellent job of illustrating cottontail hunting with Dogs beagles I was looking for a rabbit hunting guide sans all the Beagle talk or at least a minimum of it.
If you have dogs accompanying you hunting, get this otherwise it has probably 10 pages of material on hunting solo without dogs.
Not what I was looking for Title should be Rabbit Hunting with Beagles Wouldn t buy it again Great reading As an avid rabbit hunter for my whole life, I was excited to get this book It disappointed me in almost every way First, the book is ONLY about hunting rabbits with dogs In fact, it s mostly just about the dogs less than half the book even covers rabbit hunting I haven t hunted with dogs since high school and suspect that the majority of rabbit hunters do not hunt with dogs The book has almost nothing for us, other than some amusing stories I was amused by, and did enjoy, the book s stories, but there was nothing else I got from it.
The only chapter that I found of any practical or informative value was Why they circle and why they hole up which was only a few pages If the book contained anything remotely resembling a secret it was in this chapter There was almost no information about rabbit natural history, behavior, food preferences, habitat, hunting tactics in short, none of the stuff that I thought might qualify as a secret Rather than buy the book, I ll just sum it up here for you I shot a ton of rabbits It was fun Man, I love them dogs.
This is a great book by Dave Fisher for rabbit hunters who are also beagle owners.
Mr Fisher s other book, Guide to Rabbit Hunting Secrets of a Master Cottontail Hunter , is the same book but with a different cover and some of the chapters are rearranged It might be deceiving for some folks buyers might want be told beforehand by the author and or publisher if this is a reprint of a previous volume.