Ä Relationship Investing: Stock Market Therapy for Your Money ↠´ Download by ↠´ Jeffrey S. Weiss

Ä Relationship Investing: Stock Market Therapy for Your Money ↠´ Download by ↠´ Jeffrey S. Weiss This book is the best one I have read in my 33 years as a portfolio manager for a major Wall St firm Jeff writes for the layman and does not use a lot of jargon His examples and correlations are easy to understand and follow As I read the book I was gratified to learn how many of his practices I used in my business His lessons , it s what the market thinks , you own the stock not the company and by the time you know what the problem is at a company the stock has already reflected it it s already way down The chapters are short , clear and right to the point This should be on the reading list of anybody and everybody thinking of getting involved in the market or already invested Anyone wanting to become, or improve upon being, a technical analyst and investor should first read Relationship Investing, then read one of many textbooks on technical analysis some of which are mentioned in Jeff s book , and then read Relationship Investing again Jeff s book not only details investing practices but also covers the inevitable emotional side of investing in the market through real life examples from his own career as well as comparable examples in everyday life with which everyone can relate This book will make you a better investor.

An easy read and an entertaining one A fantastic opportunity to get inside the head of someone who started their investment journey in the 1970s bear market I love the focus on psychological hurdles to sound investing, and the book is filled with great anecdotes The stock market specializes in inflicting emotional turmoil If you re not willing to take losses and admit mistakes, then the business of investingisn t for you In the stock market, as in life, it s the big picture that counts most.
This is not a book of specific technical approaches or systems Rather it is a book of investor psychology that you should read before you go applying any investment approach so that you can minimize the impact of behavioral biases.
This is a great read Jeff Weiss makes investing fundamentals easy to understand While he is a technician, the book is not filled with technical jargon or charts It focusses on the attitudes needed to be a successful investor, and presents simple rules that will help you succeed and also avoid common mistakes He emphasizes the importance of preserving capital, and his approach ensures this end It is enjoyable to read as it is done in an absolutely authentic voice You feel like Mr Weiss is sitting across from you at dinner, telling stories and giving good advice It s a smart read with a sense of humor You will finish with a better understanding of the market, and it may motivate you to learn about technical analysis, and incorporate it into your investment decision making process.
Named Best Investment Book Of The Year By The Stock Traders Almanac How To Improve Your Knowledge And Reduce Anxiety When Dealing With The Market In Relationship Investing, Experienced Wall Street Analyst Jeffrey Weiss Shows How Treating An Investment Like A Personal Relationship Simplifies Your Stock Market Decisions In Clear And Accessible Terms, He Shows How, By Following This Simple Premise, You Can Remove Complexity And Anxiety From Buying And Selling Stocks And Achieve Improved Investment Results You Need To Follow Key Rules In The Stock Market, Just As You Need To Follow Particular Guidelines In A Relationship Understanding And Communicatingknowing Your Partners Languageis Key And Knowing When To Make A Commitment, Or Increase Your Level Of Commitment, Is Just As Important As Knowing When Its Time To Break It Off This Book Is Grounded In Analysisyet Puts The Investing Process In Human Terms So You Can Understand The Lingo Of Wall Street, The Concept Of Risk Management, And Other Principles The Result Is An Enjoyable, Easy To Follow Road Map To Financial Success Covers Most Of The Important Lessons Of Technical Analysis Without Actually Being Technical The Main Focus Is On How To Avoid The Mistakes Often Made By Investors The Emphasis On Preserving Ones Hard Earned Capital Is Especially Worthwhile Reading John Murphy, Author Of Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets