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[Ian Rankin] Ñ Resurrection Men [lebanon PDF] Ebook Epub Download á Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin.
Have you ever read a book that you seriously not only couldn t stop reading but didn t want it to end This was the Inspector Rebus that ranks among my favorites This was not a 200 or 3oo page book These Scottish mysteries are a good 438 page bools and often So I m just saying this Ian Rankin is one gifted author to keep an audience and I mean audience enraptured in the life of the main character book after book is saying he s earned the rave reviews and the many awards This series and this author answers the question why there are other successful Scottish authors such as James Oswald and Stuart MacBride An Edinburgh art dealer is brutally murdered and it was during this same time that Rebus is sent to the Scottish Police College The other officers sent into exile with him are referring to themselves as the Resurrection Men They are supposedly being re educated in team work in order to redeem themselves and return to their original headquarters This was a time for Inspector rebus to rebuild his relationship with his significant other, Jean This also proved to be just the opportunity for Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke and Rebus to put their heads together and uncover the truth lurking under everyone s noses.
Another Rebus down Rebus is punished and sent to school again for a refresher course He meets a Wild Bunch of officers and they have to work together to solve a cold case At the same time, an art dealer is killed at his home after an exhibition DS Siobhan Clarke is investigating this crime, and Rebus is giving her some back up while he is in schooling A fast past novel Realistic and noir Rankin is one of the best novelist who take you from wherever you are to the dark, rain stained cobblestone streets in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee He exposes the underbelly of the city and let us all gawk in and watch Corruption and insubordination are the two major themes in this novel.
Inspector John Rebus Has Messed Up Badly This Time, So Badly That He S Been Sent To A Kind Of Reform School For Damaged Cops While There Among The Last Chancers Known As Resurrection Men, He Joins A Covert Mission To Gain Evidence Of A Drug Heist Orchestrated By Three Of His Classmates But The Group Has Been Assigned An Unsolved Murder That May Have Resulted From Rebus S Own Mistake Now Rebus Can T Determine If He S Been Set Up For A Fall Or If His Disgraced Classmates Are As Ruthless As He Suspects When Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke Discovers That Her Investigation Of An Art Dealer S Murder Is Tied To Rebus S Inquiry, The Two Prot G And Mentor Join Forces Soon They Find Themselves In The Midst Of An Even Bigger Scandal Than They Had Imagined A Plot With Conspirators In Every Corner Of Scotland And Deadly Implications About Their Colleagues With The Brilliant Eye For Character And Place That Earned Him The Name The Dickens Of Edinburgh, Ian Rankin Delivers A Page Turning Novel Of Intricate Suspense Scottish Inspector John Rebus has always had a problem with authority, but he gets particularly exorcised one morning and hurls a cup of tea at his supervisor For this, he is assigned to a stint at Tulliallan, a police academy where problem officers are sent for retraining and to see if their careers can be resurrected.
The approach is to take an old case and assign it to the Resurrection Men working under the close supervision of an instructor who will teach them the teamwork necessary to good police work But Rebus smells a rat when the case chosen for the exercise accidentally turns out to be an old problematic case in which Rebus himself played a large role He realizes that he must trod very carefully while he tries to figure out what is going on here.
Meanwhile back home, Rebus s protege, Detective Siobhan Clarke, is investigating the murder of an art dealer There appear to be any number of suspects, but finding the killer and a motive is proving particularly difficult Rebus and Clarke wind up sharing thoughts about their independent problems, both of which turn out to have much working below the surface than initially appeared.
This is another good installment in Rankin s long running series and once you get caught up in it, it s hard to put it down view spoiler I did enjoy this book but as much as I love this series, I m giving it three stars rather than four because of the way the plot is developed In earlier books, Rebus has taken Siobhan Clarke under his wing and we ve seen the two working together as Rebus has taught her a great deal about good police work In some of the recent books, though, as in this case, Rebus and Clark have often wound up working two totally separate cases They often get together to bounce ideas off each other about their cases and then, somehow at the end, the two cases become magically linked.
That s what happens here Without going into great detail, Rebus is actually sent to the academy to go undercover in an effort to get the goods on three dirty cops who are also assigned to his class Through the whole book he attempts to do so, while Siobhan investigates the murder of the art dealer Either of the cases would make an entertaining story in and of itself, but at the very end it turns out that, for convoluted reasons, the dirty cops Rebus is chasing are the ones who killed the art dealer.
While you re actually reading the book, you get so caught up in it that the implausability of the whole thing sort of slips by you But ten minutes after you put it down, you slap yourself in the forehead and say What The conicidences involved in making these two story lines come together don t just stretch credulity, they smash it into a thousand pieces.
It s still a great deal of fun watching Rebus work, bending the rules as necessary to achieve a just end But I enjoyed these books even better when Rebus and Clarke were working together on a single complicated case and when it wasn t necessary for the reader to completely abandon disbelief to make the climax of the book work hide spoiler ,.
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, I own both the Little Brown Hardcover and an Uncorrected Proof of this book.