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¸ Read æ Reverence for Life: The Words of Albert Schweitzer by Albert Schweitzer ¸ Gathered Together For The First Time In One Place, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer S Words On Ecology, Human And Animal Rights, Philosophy, War And Peace, Music And The Arts, And Forming A Global Community I Cannot But Have Reverence For All That Is Called Life I Cannot Avoid Compassion For Everything That Is Called Life That Is The Beginning And Foundation Of Morality Albert Schweitzer Spanning Many Decades And A Host Of Topics, This Rich Collection Of The Words Of Albert Schweitzer Offers A Glimpse Into The Life And Thought Of An Eminent Humanitarian Reverence For Life Was Schweitzer S Unifying Term For A Concept Of Ethics He Believed That Such An Ethic Would Reconcile The Drives Of Altruism And Egoism By Requiring A Respect For The Lives Of All Other Beings And By Demanding The Highest Development Of An Individual S Resources The Thread Of This Inspirational Belief Appears Throughout His Deeply Insightful Writings Excerpts From Previously Unpublished Letters To John F Kennedy, Norman Cousins, Bertrand Russell, And Others Show How Truly Committed Schweitzer Was To Creating A Global Consciousness And Cultivating A Dignity Toward All People A Foreword By Former US Ambassador, Roger Gamble, An Introduction By The Editor, Harold E Robles, And A Brief Biographical Sketch Of Schweitzer S Life Round Out This Stunning Collection Of Quotations Praise For Reverence For Life The Words Of Dr Schweitzer Are Timeless They Are Not Only Relevant Today, But They Will Continue To Serve As An Inspiration To The Future Many Thanks To Harold Robles For Compiling And Sharing With Us This Collection Of Le Grand Docteur S Thoughts PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER If You Are A Thinker, If You Care About The Future Of This Planet, You Need To Buy This Little Gem Of A Book JANE GOODALL Few Women Or Men Have Demonstrated So Completely The Indivisibility Of Commitment To God And Commitment To Life, Both In Its Misery And In Its Glory, As Albert Schweitzer DESMOND TUTU ALBERT SCHWEITZER Was An Alsatian Theologian, Musician, And Medical Missionary He Was Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize For HAROLD E ROBLES Served As Founder And President Of The Albert Schweitzer Institute For The Humanities In The USA And Is Now Co Founder Of And Special Advisor To Health Promotion South Africa Trust

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you acted on every one of your most benevolent impulses If you committed to the goodness of your heart, and spent every minute of every day living what you believed This wonderful book welcomes you into the world of man who did just that the astonishing Albert Schweitzer Schweitzer was a classical musician who became an author theologian who then trained as a medical doctor so that he could become a missionary, healing those who most needed healing He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 Here you ll find his thoughts on the compassion for the disadvantaged, loving the world and all its creatures, choosing peace over war, and music and the arts Each mini essay sometimes just a single profound line radiates with his humanity and his passion for love, justice, and peace.
The way to enjoy this book is to savor it choose one passage a day, read it aloud, and let Schweitzer s words resonate in your soul In this way, you can awaken your own spirit of compassionate loving kindness for humanity The ethic of Reverence for Live, said Schweitzer, is the ethic of love widened into universality Schweitzer s words illuminate the path toward this universal love.
Another gem from publisher Maurice Bassett who finds important stories like Albert Schweitzer s and shares them with the world The book offers insights into the thinking and journey of a man with his wife s support who changed the world with his compassion Just lovely.