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ê Read ↠´ Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature by Rachel Corby ✓ Over The Last Millennia Or So, As Humanity Has Become Civilised, Humankind Has Found Itself Increasingly Removed From Its Own Innate Wildness At The Same Time Society Has Found Itself Beset With Ever Greater Incidences Of Mental Illness, Stress, Depression And Antisocial Behaviour In Rewild Yourself Becoming Nature Rachel Corby Addresses The Longing Search For Meaning, What She Calls The Dark Cries Of The Soul, That Have Emerged Alongside The Human Nature Disconnect Rachel Writes With A Passion And A Deep Love For The Wild In Developing Ones Senses And Natural Instincts She Invites You To Join Her In Finding Ways To Redress The Balance She Encourages You To Find The Wild Place Inside And Overcome A Little Of Your Own Domestication, To Rebuild Connections And Communications With Nature Allowing For A Free Flow Between The Wildness Of The World And Your Wild Heart Considering Many Aspects Of Our Modern Lives, This Book Offers A Path Which Leads To A Personal And Cultural Transformation A Future Where There Is Space For The Wild To Grow This wonderful book is a profound reminder of the connection we all have to ancient Earth wisdom Within 3 minutes of picking up Rachel s book, I felt a latent emotion surge through my heart, and my eyes filled with tears At LAST I have found another soul who sees and feels and hears and knows NATURE as I know and feel and see and hear this blessed, majestic and ancient wild reality we all have been nourished by since the dawn of time Echoes of ancient wisdom and remembrance are acknowledged again and again through Rachel s lucid insights and proclamations Through her crystal clear perception of Nature as Spirit, and her fearless expression of eternal truths that for centuries would have had women like us burnt at the stake, my inner being expanded with a resounding YES as I followed her explorations through each chapter From allowing ourselves to be fearless in Nature, to connecting with full respect and reverence with the Plant Spirit Medicines, to the healing experience of gardening, to being alert and alive to the whispers of the Wild, to dancing naked in the rainthese are the radiant and precious gifts of LIFE that exist for all of us just outside of the insular walls of civilization Rachel is One Who Knows She has presented her beautiful world view with the purity of heart and clarity of intelligence that exists in all of us who s souls have been reclaimed by the beauty of Nature This book is truly a gift, a breath of fresh air, a meditation Through extensive research and a warm and inviting style, Rachel shows us how the prevalent disconnect from nature in our daily lives contributes to feelings of isolation, sadness and frustration She gently encourages us to explore and recreate our connection with wild in many different ways.