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[Tom Tierney] Ö Roaring Twenties Paper Dolls [westerns PDF] Read Online å Paper Dolls Representing The Vamp, The Flapper, The It Girl, And The Girl Next Door Are Accompanied By Costumes That Recreate Couture By Chanel, Poiret, Lanvin, Vionnet, Patou, Other Great Designers Also, Costumed Paper Dolls Represent Stylish Young Men Of The Period Dolls Costumes Introduction I ordered this book for using the ideas for colours, shapes and materials Unusual designs of the 1920s clothes Very spectacular

Tom Tierney has produced at least five collections for the 1920s, each focussing on a different aspect of clothing HisAmerican Family of the 1920s Paper Dolls in Full Colorcollection concentrates on the clothing of ordinary, moderately well off people.
Great Fashion Designs of the Twenties Paper Dolls in Full Coloris a collection of haute couture for the period there are also works concentrating on Erte More Erte Fashion Paper Dolls of the Twenties This falls in between clothing for those fashionable than the ordinary person, but not designer pieces.
Tierney s paper doll clothes would be somewhat difficult to cut out, but these books make an excellent fashion reference Each piece has a clear description, with details of fabric, hair, etc.
Four 1920 s college girls Vera the vamp, Sally the It Girl, Irene the flapper, and Mary the demure Girl Next Door and their sheiks as boyfriends were then called show off clothes ranging from daring body hugging bathing suits to extravagantly fur trimmed coats to knicker suits and restrained Sunday dresses in this Tom Tierney collection Each girl has six costumes, and each outfit and doll is described in Tierney s liner notes Despite the comparatively small selection of clothes, Tierney contrives to give a good idea of the various ways in which fashions of the day were adapted to the personalities of their wearers, with, as always, meticulous attention to detail and historic accuracy.