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✓ Read ↠´ Rubber Band Stocks: A Simple Strategy for Trading Stocks by Matthew R. Kratter ã There are so many trading strategies Which one should you follow Matt has presented us with his tried and true approach to successfully trading the markets He s wealthy Are you If not, perhaps it would be wise to put his method into practice I especially love his bonus chapter Buy the book to see how to trade a small account.
Tired Of Losing Money Ever Wish That There Was A Simple Road Map That You Could Follow To Learn How To Trade Profitably Rubber Band Stocks Is A Simple But Powerful Way Of Trading StocksThis Strategy Is Easy To Understand And Easy To TradeWarren Buffett Is Famous For Saying, You Need To Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy, And Greedy When Others Are FearfulThis Sounds Easy In Principle, But How Exactly Do You Do It In Real Life This Book Will Will Show You How, Step By Step, In Clear And Easy To Understand LanguageAre You A Complete Newbie Or A Trader Who Has Blown Up His Account And Is Ready To Start Again Or Just Someone Who Is Curious How To Make Money From Home, Using Just A Laptop Computer If So, This Book Is For You Best Selling Author, Matthew Kratter Will Introduce You To All Of The Tools That You Need In Order To Profit From Market OscillationsYou Will Learn Everything You Need To Know About How To Find The Best Buy SignalsHow To Know When To Take ProfitsThe One Thing You Must Never Do When Trading StocksThe Most Effective Place To Put A Stop Loss In Order To Protect YourselfGet Started Today Scroll To The Top Of The Page And Select The Buy Now Button This book is a great beginner bull market strategy that I have used for years Where Matt goes beyond other books is he describes his step by step night before steps on finding his stocks He also goes into risk management, which most books only talk about the top 3 of a trade buy, sell, and stop loss Great book for a beginner looking to get their feet wet in the market

Seems to be an update of another publication on this same strategy by this author Its a relatively simple strategy that most anyone should be able to use Its an easy read that took me about an hour to read Some of the text is just comments pasted from stock message boards For some reason there were about 3 pages pasted for one stock where less than one page would have been sufficient Nevertheless its an easy read The author has several books related to trading that may be useful to a novice trader, As the author suggests, I would recommend doing paper trades before trying this out for real, especially since we may be entering a bear market Disclosure I got this free and was encouraged to write a review.
I was fortunate to read an advanced copy of this book in return for my review.
The book provides the reader with a unique approach to active trading The author offers simple but insightful instructions on what to do to insure success Matt also points out that students will need to study the process and gain some real life experiences before success may be obtained He also suggests that the reader may consider paper trading before going live.
Brevity is this author s strength Although this is a quick read, you should read and absorb the process by reading this book several times before beginning your trading plans.
I recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn about one unique approach to active trading.