Trailer ô Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy: "The Universe Next Door", "The Trick Top Hat", & "The Homing Pigeons" PDF by Í Robert A. Wilson

Trailer ô Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy: "The Universe Next Door", "The Trick Top Hat", & "The Homing Pigeons" PDF by Í Robert A. Wilson This is not a book you can just read, your really need to pay attention to what is going on and try to understand what is happening I found this book hilarious The concept behind this book, as far as I can see, is like the Schrodinger s Cat Theory which is this if you are to place a cat in a box room enclosed space and put an element in the same enclosed space that could kill the cat in an hour and leave it for an hour , several universes branch from that point one in which the cat lives, one in which the cat dies, and an infinite amount of others where other occurances happen such as the cat escapes or grows wings and turns into a bird these universes are just not probable In the same sense, a lot of the characters from the orginal Illuminatus Trilogy are in this book, but with different personalities where one universe broke off to create the Illuminatus Trilogy, another broke off where the characters are totally different and the world is affected by disasters and terrorist groups that aren t even mentioned in the original I highly reccomend reading this, but as I said you WILL be lost if you don t pay attention Very stream of concious, many random occurances to give you an idea one of the characters is a midget named Markoff Chaney for those of you who don t know, a Markov Chain is a randomly occuring set of events the book is a veritable Markov chain, jumping from character to character on a whim , and a tendency to switch universes mid paragraph I would reccomend reading the Illuminatus Trilogy first, but this should definitly be on your list.
The Sequel To The Cult Classic The Illuminatus Trilogy, This Is An Epic Fantasy That Offers A Twisted Look At Our Modern Day World A Reality That Exists In Another Dimension Of Time And Space That May Be Closer Than We Think Robert Anton Wilson, the last Scientific shaman of our age provides us with a guide to illumination in this series of three books that are one book Each volume here collected is a different view of the same world, a ride through the most radical theories of modern physics Many characters from the Illuminatus Trilogy reappear, including Simon Moon and the midget Markoff Chaney They all take slightly different forms, except for Chaney, who appears as the ever constant Random Factor And when Ulyses return to Ithyca, we get a peak at what Wilson s imagination is capable of The book may be slightly perverse But then, he s writing about the state of the human race I assume that it is only Wilson s positivity that keeps him from writing us all into a novel that would make Sade cringe The point here is to enjoy, observe, and learn Readers of Illuminatus will certainly enjoy this book Moralists, of course, will weep in their beds But that s the best part of all Since I m in my own reality tunnel regarding whether or not I happen to be fictional, I ll allow there might be some who can t take this book seriously good on them If you want to undo your sense of here and now and attempt to get what could have been here s a book for you A look at culture, semantics, politics, in other eigenstates with some familiar faces Check it out, and check everything else a little closer.
This trilogy is essentially a cross between The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and Gravity s Rainbow It is an extremely quick read, narrated with a dry humor and interpersed with various musings about the nature of reality I can t say that the author introduced me to any new philosophical or scientific ideas Partly this is because many of the ideas have since seeped into pop culture where they became oversimplified and degraded For instance the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is by now old hat, and has formed the subject of several other books Also, the similarity of human sociology with that of other primates is not really news to anybody nowadays The trilogy s main worth therefore seems to be in the humor, a humor which is intensified by the intelligence behind it.
but it turned out I loved the words inside just as much Robert Anton Wilson tells one hell of a shaggy dog story in this book and in the Illuminatus Trilogy not to mention the rest of the Illuminati centric stories.
If you like conspiracy theories, drug humor, the occasional naughty bits, and convoluted alternate realities, you ll adore this book to pieces I had to buy a second copy because my first copy was lent out and never came back.
Superb book

Robert Wilson is a god This trilogy is structured to be the literary equivalent of quantum theory For example, each part deals with a different potential universe, all similar to each other and our own, but with slight differences So in one universe, for example, Carl Jung, vs James Joyce, is the author of Ullyses both being well versed in the same symbolism Subplots begun in one universe are taken up in the next, like the influence of quarks The main difference is that society in each subsequent universe is slightly enlightened, therefore only the last Earth escapes total destruction at the hands of terrorists or, like Schrodinger s cat, the Earth is alive, dead, or in a state of potential Along the way, there are interesting lessons in Economics noting, e.
, how we take money for granted as a part of society, but it isn t a necessary part of society, but just a construct , Sociology, etc And it is filled with great, laugh out loud humour, sometimes Pythonesque Without the help of the Illuminatus Trilogy s co author, this book is far less literary, but it is filled with as many ideas in fewer pages This is the best introduction to Wilson s work, fictional or non fictional Highly recommended.