Þ Science Made Stupid Ê Download by ↠´ Tom Weller

Þ Science Made Stupid Ê Download by ↠´ Tom Weller Takes A Humorous Look At Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Evolution, And Biology, And Includes Parodies Of Geological Charts And The Periodic Table I saw a reference to this online, and was very curious about somebody in the end credits named Treemonisha Pancake I took a chance and ordered it and it s the best decision I ever made Jokes are very subtle and obliquely reference everything about history, art and science and culture The jokes are silly enough for kids but overeducated adults will have a riot and a thoroughly good time reading it too.
One of my favorite books of all time I am a scientist by trade, and I have snippets from this book all over my office Weller has won a lot of fans in my workplace I recently shared it with my interns 16 and 18 years old and enjoyed hearing them laugh out loud I really wish this were still in print, because it would make a great gift.
Going through many different scientific fields while completely making everything up is a difficult task, but this author does it with such finesse There are countless quotes from this book that highlight the attitude of any scientist when looking at another scientists field For example, a small footnote in one of the pages mentions the Plant Kingdom with a picture of a fern or something It s definitely worth a read to any person who has finished 8th grade Science You re guaranteed a laugh or two.
This is one of the most absurd works ever produced, both in written content and in the illustrations I revisit this book several times a year, and always relish reading it cover to cover.
Tom Weller is both the writer and illustrator, and he deconstructs science in hilarious fashion Presented in a sort of textbook format, the book explores the Orthodonts and the elusive Puppasaurus, and reveals all kinds of things about the world that you never realized you didn t know.
I don t know if it s out of print or not, I think it may be But find yourself a copy Trust me, reading Science Made Stupid will make you stupidly happy.