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Ý Read ✓ Science...For Her! by Megan Amram ↠´ A must read for every girl and every guy Amram is extremely funny and her Megan Amram character in this is even funnier A fantastic take on gender roles today, briliant satirizing the traditionally male centric world of Science through a lense of the sterotypical Women Magazine view.
This is supposed to be funny An expert book written as a satire.
I tend to think I have an excellent sense of humor I enjoy sarcastic, even caustic, but this was a DNF for me I found very few genuinely funny parts, and after a couple chapters gave up digging for them.
Before this book I didn t think you could get less intelligent by reading a bookunless maybe it was written by a disgraced polititian Amram should run for orifice.

As an engineer and an avid lover of satire, comedy, and women s magazines I was excited by this book after hearing Megan Amram on CBC radio Saying I was disappointed by the book is an understatement The book does not resemble a science textbook, a woman s magazine or anything sensical really I think I found 1 thing funny in the entire book if you see the book in person check out the Period Ick table it is funny , but other than that is it one nonsensical attempt at a sex joke after another The book includes 7 blank pages in an attempt at a joke which really isn t funny and is rather wasteful Needless to say I RETURNED this book that is how disappointed I was in it.
Bought this by accident and was too late to cancel it It is a load of It is in no way funny and I wouldn t just suggest that people don t waste their time with this drivel, I would actually go out of my way to recommend that people avoid this at all costs This woman is meant to be a comedian That is the only thing funny about this.
Humour gets quite repetitive Some jokes go on for pages and just fail to connect Lack of cohesion throughout book makes to hard to read Makes a valid point but poorly put together Fast shipping and good condition, however, the book is not to my liking Funny but not my sense of humor.
Megan Amram, One Of Forbes Under In Hollywood Rolling Stones Funniest People On Twitter, And A Writer For NBCs Hit Show Parks And Recreation, Delivers A Politically, Scientifically, And Anatomically Incorrect Textbook That Will Have Women Screaming With Laughter, And Men Dying To Know What The Noise Is AboutIn The Vein Of Faux Expert books By John Hodgman And Amy Sedaris, Sciencefor Her Is Ostensibly A Book Of Science Written By A Denizen Of Womens Magazines Comedy Writer And Twitter Sensation Megan Amram Showcases Her Fiendish Wit With A Pitch Perfect Attack On Everything From Those Insanely Perky Tips For Self Improvement To Our Bizarre Shopaholic Dating Culture To The Socially Mandated Pursuit Of Mind Blowing Sex To The Cringe Worthy Secret Codes Of Food And Body Issues Part Hilarious Farce, Part Biting Gender Commentary, Amram Blends Cosmo And Science To Highlight Absurdities With A Machine Gun Of Laugh Inducing Lines That Leave Nothing And No One Unscathed Subjects Include This Springs Ten Most Glamorous Ways To Die Tips For Hosting Your Own Big Bang What Religion Is Right For Your Body Type And The Most Pressing Issue Facing Women Today Kale Be Prepared To Laugh About Anything In This Outrageous Satirical Gem Was a present and well received I have to counter the extreme negative reviews here This book is hysterically funny Laugh out loud funny.
Some people obviously don t get Ms Anram s sense of humor and that s fine Taste in comedy is subjective, see the career of Adam Sandler NB I m told by someone who knows him from his stand up days that he s a great guy and a wonderful friend but I have never laughed ONCE at his man child humor And Sandler is a multi millionaire, so clearly there s room for disagreement here.
But as the great Bette Midler once told me, eff em, if they can t take a joke This is not misogyny as some claim, it is satire Clearly, it flies WAY OVER the heads of the negative reviewers Please don t let their very skewed comments put you off this hilarious book Satire is not an endorsement of a point of view, as some here are saying Don t listen to them They are simply wrong Buy this book Now, I am not the target audience for this book as friends assure me I have a penis But I have seen women in the wild and, occasionally, in captivity and I think any beautiful, intelligent woman will pee her pants laughing while reading this That s not my opinion, it s a medical fact.