☆ Secret Life of Water Ø Download by Ó Masaru Emoto

☆ Secret Life of Water Ø Download by Ó Masaru Emoto Awesome book Too bad it grew legs and never came back home LOL Will have to repurchase this one very interesting

this book is quite interesting.
liked read with an open mind , heart,body and soul and you will really appreciate the beauty of water.
be willing to accept love it, the best A1 This is a very important book for a bigger understanding of consciousness It is related to Stalking the wild pendulum, by Itzhak Bentov on the mechanics of consciousness This is an organic biological exploration, whereas Itzhak Bentov s book is a of a mechanical one.
I cannot praise this book enough a work of real genius.
In this book Dr Emoto traces the journey of water through our planet and the ancient wisdom, memory and knowledge carried in water This book has a lot of depth and inspires one to a deeper contemplation of life and consciousness Dr Emoto s simple style of writing makes this book an enjoyable and easy read but at the same time awakens one to be cognisant of oneself and one s role in the planet.
From Its Arrival On Earth To The Vast Areas It Traverses Before Emptying Into The Sea, Water Holds All The Knowledge And Experience It Has Acquired As Phenomenal As It May Seem, Water Carries Its Whole History, Just As We Carry Ours It Carries Secrets, Too In The Secret Life of Water, Bestselling Author Masaru Emoto Guides Us Along Waters Remarkable Journey Through Our Planet And Continues His Work To Reveal Waters Secret Life To Humankind He Shows How We Can Apply Its Wisdom To Our Own Lives, And How, By Learning To Respect And Appreciate Water, We Can Better Confront The Challenges That Face The Twenty First Centuryand Rejuvenate The Planet full of relevant information Most useful