Á Shadows in the Sand: A Koevoet Tracker's Story of an Insurgency War í Download by ✓ Sisingi Kamongo

Á Shadows in the Sand: A Koevoet Tracker's Story of an Insurgency War í Download by ✓ Sisingi Kamongo For the American reader it is import to understand some background on this unit to really appreciate this book Koevoet Afrikaans for crowbar , also known as Operation K and officially known as the South West Africa Police Counter Insurgency Unit SWAPOL COIN , was a police counter insurgency unit in South West Africa now Namibia during the 1970s and 1980s Koevoet was the most effective paramilitary unit deployed against SWAPO fighters during the Namibian War of Independence It was particularly known for its indiscriminate brutality during that conflict Koevoet operations were devoted to tracking groups of SWAPO fighters who were on foot, using the mobility of their Casspirs as tracking platforms, to close the time and distant gap between them and their quarry using visual tracking techniques and in some instances K9 tracking dogs.
This book is written by Mr Kamongo, the only black member to have published his exploits from his service in this notorious para military combat tracking organization This books covers all the major operations, battles, as well as organization and history of the unit But what I really like the most about this book is all the tactical visual tracking references throughout this book It has gold nugget after gold nugget of valuable tracking information and lessons learned, that are just as relevant today It is amazing to see how tracking can be applied and employed in counter insurgency operations The Rhodesian also knew this and trained all their army members in track The Covert War Koevoet Operations in Namibia, 1979 1989 by Peter Stiff This is part of a three volume set on South African Special Operations This is very good historical look at Koevoet Koevoet by Jim Hooper This is the first book written on Koevoet from the inside of the unit by an embedded reporter This is very good look at this elite unit Pamwe Chete The legend of the Selous Scouts by Ron Reid Daly The Rhodesian Selous Scouts exploits were instrumental to the development of Koevoet This book is the ultimate historical recount of this unit by its founding farther Zulu Zulu Golf Two Years with Koevoet by Arn Durand This memoir is one of newest release about this elite unit and how combat in Koevoet affected its members.
Highly recommend this book and all the listed books above.
I am from the north of Namibia and lived through all the conflict years I found this book an excellent read, Shorty memory is fantastic I knew of Koevoet, but I did not know how effective they were Without these excellent trackers, they were simply the rock of Koevoet.
This Is The Story Of A Kavango Tracker Who Served Six Years With Koevoet Crowbar , The Elite South African Anti Terrorist Unit, During The South West African Angolan Bush War Of The S Back Cover This book tells the story of a man who partook in many contacts with an elite force during a bloody bush war.
The matter of fact manner in which he narrates his tale only serves to enhance the feeling that Mr Kamongo wants to tell you about his experience and his respect for his peers Although there are elements of his personal grievances towards the powers that were , he doesn t try to look for redemption or self gratification.
Koevoet were infamous because they were so efficient, and the black trackers were instrumental to its success.
I have witnessed the talent of bush tracking for Game in the bush and I am always impressed with the information a game ranger learns from an impression in the sand.
These men deserve better, whether the war they fought was right or not It is refreshing to read a trackers version that confirms and supports the other versions Extreme respect to a very brave soldier and person.
My husband was in the South African army in the mid eighties He appreciated how skilled these native trackers were at their craft He liked this book very much and said it was interesting to read it from a tracker s perspective Highly recommended.
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Die SWAPOLCOIN Einheiten bzw Koevoet werden heute nach weltweit herschendem Konsens zu Unrecht als ein Haufen von bluthungrigen, koruppten Polizisten betrachtet, ohne Anspruch auf Rente, Abfindung etc.
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This is a truly inspirational story and we loved it I can recommend this to anyone I found the story very interesting Delivery was also done in a satisfactory time frame.

Excellent Well written and easy to read The book gives a very clear and accurate view of police life at the time The author is very honest in his views and opinions He clearly depicts insurgency war and also reveals the successful tactics used His sharing of knowledge about tracking is good Although he leaves out the bits that can only be explained with extensive experience The author s humility is always present as is often the case amongst those with real and extensive contact experience.
One of the best books I have read.