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[Danu Forest] Ð Shaman Pathways - The Druid Shaman: Exploring the Celtic Otherworld [flash-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Covering The Basics Of Celtic Shamanism, With Reference To Traditional Lore And Source Materials Through The Lens Of Both Ancient And Modern Druidry And Shamanic Practice, The Druid Shaman Is A Well Rounded Guide, Showing The Seamless Cross Over Between Druidry And Shamanism In The Celtic Tradition It Covers Topics Such As How To Attain And Work With Guides And Allies, Understanding The Spirit Realm And Interaction With Spirits Of All Kinds, Accessing Powers Of Place, Traveling The World Tree And Working With The Seven Directions And Exploring And Navigating Within The Celtic Otherworld With Practical Techniques, Exercises And Core Skills, The Druid Shaman Can Be Used As A Practical Manual As Well As A Valuable Resource For Practicing Shamans And Druids As Well As Those New To The Subject This book gives a broad view and history surrounding Shaman Pathways and the underlying values and appreciation of the role of the modern Shaman It is clear and purposeful.

Very informative Great content.
I have to say that I am generally suspicious of most authors who would consider themselves in the New Age category Just a cursory consideration of nature and the world yields an understanding that everything is not all love and light and fluffy bunnies These things exist, surely, but there is also great darkness in the world, including the spirit world I don t know how many times I ve read teachings such as trusting all the beings in the spirit world in New Age works on shamanism, and teachings like that are incredibly dangerous to individuals who might unknowingly come under the sway of spirits that are, shall we say, less than altruistic It s precisely because of hazards such as this that shamanic, advanced qigong, advanced tantra and other related practices were handed down personally by a teacher, in the same way that a gun range instructor teaches an inexperienced person to use a firearm very useful tool, very dangerous when used improperly.
In fact, one could safely assert that everything in nature survives by struggle And while Danu Forest s book does not deal with these things specifically, I wanted to point out my opinion on these things to note that I never got the impression in reading this book that she was in any way unrealistically idealistic in her presentation of what she considers Druidic Shamanism I found her work to reflect what I have also encountered in my practice, and found it to be accurate and succinct Like other reviewers, I find all her works to be down to earth, devoid of fluffy bunny stuff, and practical Although this book is surprisingly thin, I find it to be detailed and useful than the vast majority of books in this category For a guy who considers most books on this topic to be New Age nonsense, I endorse this book