Trailer µ Shooter's Bible Guide to Cartridges PDF by ì Todd Woodard

Trailer µ Shooter's Bible Guide to Cartridges PDF by ì Todd Woodard A useful guide and well illustrated but lacking detail for some sizes That s all I have to say about this book Shooter S Bible, For Generations The Most Trusted Source Of Detailed Information On Firearms, Offers Gun Enthusiasts A Full Color Guide To Everything They Need To Know About CartridgesHave You Ever Wondered Which Cartridge Was Appropriate For Your Gun Or A Friends Gun Have You Been Curious About Which Cartridges Are Best For Which Shooting Needs If So, Then This Is The Manual For You Shooters Bible Guide To Cartridges Will Help Those With Revolvers, Rifles, And Other Guns Chapters Include Triple DeucesK sThe Sweet mmsThe Quarter BoresPretenders To The Magnum sMartial CartridgesHistoric mmsAnd For Than A Century, The Shooters Bible Name Has Been Trusted And Well Known As An Authoritative Guide On Ammunition And Guns Their Works Contain Applicable Skills, And This Particular Book Increases The Readers Understanding Of Guns And Cartridges It Is The Ideal Addition To The bookshelf Of Anyone Who Is Passionate About Guns Using It Will Make Mastering Cartridge Usage Easy Purchased for a gift, recipient loved it Good very informative helpfull Pu rappresentare un alternativa al mitico Barnes, ossia Cartridges of The world Non sono trattate munizionii inusuali come nel Barnes, ma quelle trattate sono ben descritte e ragruppate per calibro con interessanti approfondimenti Ogni cartuccia completa di tutte le misure dimensionali.
Vale la pena Spedizione impeccabile.
Ein Versuch, das Catridges of the World zu kopieren, aber inhaltlich eher schwach Interessante Bebilderung mit alten Werbebildern der Waffen und Munitionshersteller aus den USA.
Wenig neue Informationen, keine Ladedaten.
Nicht zu vergleichen mit dem unverzichtbaren Catridges of the World.
Bestensfalls nice to have f r den interessierten Wiederlader oder Munitionsinteressenten.

Endless info, well written good