Trailer Î Silver: Get Your Share of the Greatest Wealth Transfer (Audible Audio Edition): Chas Harrison, Greg Lengacher, Charles R. Schlappe: Audible Canada PDF by Ü Chas Harrison

Trailer Î Silver: Get Your Share of the Greatest Wealth Transfer (Audible Audio Edition): Chas Harrison, Greg Lengacher, Charles R. Schlappe: Audible Canada PDF by Ü Chas Harrison This isn t a book It s a pamphlet I literally read it in one hour I don t disagree with the author s points, however, nothing new was presented All common knowledge to anyone who studies the metals and reads non MSM information sources Even think some info presented is questionable For example, the 500 ounces of silver in each Tomahawk cruise missile I would like to know your source here I researched it a few years ago when the claim was made and found no one with any credible evidence.
Good information for Joe Six pack and mom and dad, but they likely wouldn t believe it Unless you are a complete clueless newbie, pass on this one.
Silver Is Probably The Most Undervalued Asset In The History Of The World Today, But Not For Long In This Audiobook I Attempt To Build A Case For Investing In Silver Now Based Upon The Fundamentals And The Eventual Return Of Normalcy In The Markets, Silver Should Yield Fantastic Returns For Those Souls Who Can Go Against The Grain Of Current Thought The Fundamentals For Silver Are Very, Very Favorable, But Not If You Listen To The Talking Heads In The Mainstream Media Do Yourself A Favor And Get The Facts Before Dismissing Silver As A Dead Relic Of The Past The manner in which the author presents his material is premier While reading the short book, I was saying to myself I would like to meet this character, I would say he is a very interesting person to listen to and be around Unlike allot of books on subjects such as this I currently have just finished reading about 12 of them the Authors personality and character come across while reading the material He conveys a no nonsense cut to the chase, no B.
S here behavior I found it fresh and alluring in as much as wanting to read and of what he had to convey For knowledge value, he is dead on sight and real facts 100% I wish his was the first book I read on metals, I probably would not have read about 6 of the others had I come upon his prior.
Great job.
This book was written back 2014 and there were already signs of the dollar collapsing against the Chinese currency today 2019 is very close to be a reality when this happens God protect us This book was short and sweet in getting to the heart of stacking silver, either for pure collecting or as a preservation of wealth The author made his case for buying now while the price is extremely low and while there is sufficient supply which might not be the case in the near future It is an easy read for the beginner and will help one better understand the manipulations of the precious metals market.

Loved this book Very informative about silver as an investment Must read if interested in precious metals Great read and easy to read This book is the statement of an ordinary American s doubts and fears about where his country is heading and his suspicion of our economic planners, whose unshakable confidence in printing money is marching us to disaster Harrison says there s not much an ordinary citizen can do except to recognise that a crisis is inevitable and that our money will lose its value, but there is hope in investing in precious metals, particularly silver This is one of the simplest, best, and most convincing books I have seen in this area and and can be read in a few hours It should not be missed I am not an American but I spent 1964 there and loved the country and its people, especially their enterprise, decency and optimism, now under threat More authors like Harrison might help restore normality.