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[ Pdf Slow Boat to the Bahamas ✓ writing PDF ] by Linus Wilson ↠´ A good readable tale about a personal transformation from boater to cruiser For those of us who have cast off the lines the story is a poignant reminder of where we have all come from There are the cringe worthy moments when things don t work just right as well as the joys that come to those who persevere You can armchair quarterback, or you can say why didn t I think of that Either way the details are real and the prose is fluid and makes for an enjoyable way to pass a few hours.
It t a Tavel log that puts to much emphasis on the writer and his great accomplishments We don t care about every detail of how you tie up your boat The sailing classes that the writer took are good courses but most of us have also taken them and don t feel the need to bore others with trivial details I was hoping for an informative book about the area as well as some basic entertainment Won t buy another of his book.
Not very well written I wanted to like it so I Kept reading but I ve read better sailing stories.
I have done a similar trip to the Bahamas but from Annapolis at about the same age as the author I didn t like the way he kept emphasing all the ASA sailing classes he and his wife took and his thinking that these were actually qualifications I think this book is about how not to do it than how to do it Many of his hardships could have been easily prevented by better planning Even his analyses are poorly researched, like the fact that many cruisers listed their home ports as Green Cove Springs, FL is only because of the excellent mail forwarding service there.

I am a sailor with a fair amount of cruising experience, but I have not made it to the Bahamas yet I thought that this book my help me to get some insight into cruising there I was a bit disappointed He is a man with a big budget and stays at marinas, but mentions the Pardeys.
He goes into detail about his difficulty in docking, but I am lost A diagram might be nice.
The author travels from marina to marina and does not say much about the sailing there Why not That part was quite frustrating.
I just did not get the point Good info for keeping track of expenses I would have enjoyed descriptions of surroundings Good read for those thinking sailing through shallow water I was annoyed through most of the book because of the unecessary money they spent on a trip to the Bahamas I can t imagine going to the Bahamas, always trying to get a slip, not snorkeling, and worrying about sand on your feet and in your boat However, it made me appreciate the knowledge I already have and what not to do on my trip to the Bahamas It was fun, informative and a fairly reasonable source of info for a cruise to the Bahamas I would suggest he hire an English major at the college to proof read the book before publishing There were way too many punctuation errors, mispelled words, run on sentences, and paragraphs that talked about than one subject.
Slow Boat to the Bahamas Is A Funny Look At Getting The Sailing Bug, Preparing For, And Going On The Big Trip With A Four Year Old And A Four Pound DogIf You Ve Ever Wanted To Cruise The Bahamas By Boat Or Just In Your Mind, Slow Boat to the Bahamas Offers A Humorous RideWendy Hinman, Author Of TIGHTWADS ON THE LOOSESlow Boat to the Bahamas Made Me Feel The Tropical Sun On The Back Of My Neck, With The Added Bonus Of A Treasure Trove Of Local Information Glenn Damato Author Of BREAKING SEASSlow Boat to the Bahamas Documents The Journey Of A Non Boat Owner Through The Purchase Of His First Sailboat, On To Florida And Eventually Through The Bahamas It Is A Detailed, And Starkly Honest Account Of A Cruising Couple With A Child And Dog, And What They Overcame To Fulfill Their Dream The Author Kept Meticulous Records That Will Benefit Anyone Considering The Same AdventureEd Robinson, Author Of LEAP OF FAITH QUIT YOUR JOB AND LIVE ON A BOATSlow Boat to the Bahamas Was A Pleasant Surprise The Insights Into Why People Like Us Go Out There In Boats Is Brought Into Crystal Clarity In A Way That Is Both Entertaining And Informative The Humor With Which He Tells This Tale Makes The Pages Fly ByBob Bitchin, Publisher Of CRUISING OUTPOST MAGAZINE