Trailer Ù Small-Bore Rifles: A Guide for Rimfire Users PDF by ¶ C. Rodney James

Trailer Ù Small-Bore Rifles: A Guide for Rimfire Users PDF by ¶ C. Rodney James OK The author did his research Has lots of good useful information Not just a book for beginners I wish I could have gotten this book in hardcover, rather than paperback.
Everything you could ever want to know about the development of the.
22 round, the ballistics of the same and the history of early bolt action.
22 rifles are presented in an easy read style by a very knowledgeable author There are plenty of color photographs and a lot of useful maintenance information throughout the book.
I do have one complaint The book is described as A Guide For Rimfire Users and the cover includes pictures of two semi automatic.
22 rifles a Magnum Research Custom 10 22 and a Saccuracy is not their strong point, the author does not feel they are competition rifles This is a guide for Bolt Action Competition Rimfire Users.
A must read book for the rim fire enthusiast Much accurate information presented in an enjoyable format From the earliest rim fire rounds to the latest 17s all are covered in this book Bolt actions, simiautos and single shot rifles are covered with the pros and cons of each What makes for accuracy from the rifle to the cartridge is well covered.
So far I ve enjoyed the book There is a lot of information in it.
Ordered two Husband and his brother loved them.
C Rodney James Provides A Starting Point For The Beginner As Well As A Current Summary Of The State Of Small Bore Rifles, Ammunition, And Shooting For Intermediate Shooters Small Bore Rimfire Rifles Also Points The Way For Those Who Want To Venture Into The Rarefied Regions Of Upper Level Competitive, Benchrest, And Long Range Varmint Shooting, Plus That Eternal Search For The Perfect Rifle James Packs His Book With Tested Tips, Tactics, And Techniques For Small Bore Rimfires, Such As Small Bore Rimfire Ammunition Choosing A Rifle Semiauto And Bolt Action Rifles Accurate Shooting Cleaning, Maintenance, And Care Range, Lethality, And Performance Hunting And Varmint Shooting Modern Competitive Shooting And Much Small Bore Rifle Shooting Has And Will Continue To Provide Millions With Endless Hours Of Enjoyment On The Range And In The Field Pick Up Small Bore Rimfire Rifles Today Excellent information Back of the book was covered in some kind of gunk eww and seems to be a previous return from another customer that got recycled makes calling them up to resolve anything a pain, so if you re anything like me you ll be stuck with this.