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[ Read Online So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel ↠´ zombies PDF ] by Phil Hornshaw è Fun, upbeat and hilarious, this traveler s guide would make you really wish you could open a wormhole and do some traveling around as long as you followed the life saving principals of this light hearted book I bought it as a gift for my husband and he enjoyed it he actually read it aloud to me Any book that gets him to read to me is winner.
perfect This was a lot of fun Written by the paranoid ministers of a dubious time travellers organisation called QUAN UM that s located somewhere in the future, this satirical guide gives the would be time traveller help and advice for what they re going to encounter Which sums up as Don t do it All known methods of time travel will probably kill you Everything in history, from dinosaurs to warlords to ninjas to black lung to Nazis to killer robots to invading aliens will probably kill you Your time machine will probably break down and leave you stranded in a time period that will kill you Your alternate self from another time line will probably kill you Don t have sex with Neanderthals or aliens, it will probably injure you And don t become an intern for QUAN UM, as you will not survive.
There are many sarcastic footnotes, and lots of references to plausible science and history, as well as lots of pop culture references So Albert Einstein gets paired with Hot Tub Time Machine There are illustrations throughout, such as a lovingly detailed diagram on how to use a dinosaur and a team of captured Neanderthals to kick start a time machine battery I really liked the descriptions of the next couple of centuries where first robots and then aliens take over it almost sounded factual.
It is occasionally mentioned that time travellers can be male or female, but an early footnote expresses great surprise that there would be than one female reader of the manual, on account of its perceived geekiness Well, this female reader loved it But is not applying for the advertised QUAN UM internship.
I m a big fan of time travel in fiction be it literature, comic books, games or movies I really enjoyed this book It s very funny, and the subject matter is addressed with affection and knowledge of the genre I can t help thinking though, that if the tone had been slightly less nudge, nudge, wink, wink and deadpan as in Max Brooks excellent Zombie Survival Guide it would have been even funnier Still, it s highly amusing and a book I keep coming back to, and I look forward to seeing what the authors come up with next.
This is a humor book who treats movies as history of time travel and is brought laughter many times I think a solid understanding of pop culture made the humor relevant to myself I am in my mid 30 s and most of it was right up my alley with 80 s and 90 s movie references throughout I also enjoyed the tongue in cheek footnotes that build on each other I found myself chuckling and then reading it out loud to anyone who happened to be in earshot I have never really read a book of this nature, a book that exists to simply be humorous, it was fun.

Loved it just what I was looking for thank you This is told as a humorous guide to time travel There is some comedic tales of violence as in being eaten by dinosaurs if you travel back to prehistoric times There is some potty humor for example, having to make a battery from giant piles of dinosaur dung , but it is all told with great humor We enjoyed the premise of this being an actual guide to how to choose your time machine, find the best places to time travel to, and then how to escape any disasters you find yourself in.
Since you ve probably already read this hilarious and entertaining guide to time traveling in the future and determined its usefulness, I don t really have to say much in this review except this trust your future self You enjoy this book later on, so why not beat yourself to the punch and read it now You ll save your future self some work, and you ll have that many years of enjoying its funny pop culture references and actual science y stuff ahead of you Welcome, Intrepid Temporal Explorers, To The World S First And Only Field Manual Survival Guide To Time Travel DON T LEAVE THIS TIME PERIOD WITHOUT IT Humans From H G Wells To Albert Einstein To Bill Yes, It Is A Horrifically Painful Way To Meet Your End The Connection Between Einstein S General Theory Of Relativity, Traversing Wormholes And The Mph Speed Requirement The Possible Consequences Of Creating A Time Paradox Including, But Not Limited To, The Implosion Of The Universe Survival Tips For Nearly Any Sticky Time Travel Situation How To Befriend A Dinosaur And Subsequently Fight Other Dinosaurs With That Dinosaur Instructions To Build Your Very Own Rube Goldberg Time Machine Crusading For Fun And Profit Tips On Battling Cowboys, Pirates, Ninjas, Samurai, Nazis, Vikings, Robots And Space Marines How To Operate A Microwave Oven Enjoying The Servitude Of Robots And Tips For Living Underground When They Inevitably Rise Up Against Us