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[ Read Online Soul of a Lion: One Woman's Quest to Rescue Africa's Wildlife Refugees ↠´ urban-fantasy-romance PDF ] by Barbara Bennett Ê This book is my feelings I hope to help out, learn and get involvedMy dream has been to open a sanctuary I have always felt closer to animals than humansI will never understand the cruelty of hunting and find it sickening to see dead animals hanging over a fireplace or anywhere else in a home.
This story told the love of animals and covered the cry for help They need our helpLets all at least leave our inheritance to these sanctuary s so these people that can and do devote their lives to helping animals can continue Fue un regalo Y le encanto For Animal Lovers, Nature Enthusiasts, And The Vast Readership For Gripping True Life Stories, This African Saga Is A Must read Adventure It Chronicles The Unique Harnas Wildlife Foundation In Namibia, Where Marietavan Der Merwe And Her Family, Former Wealthy Cattle Farmers, Have Sold Land To Buy And Care For Embattled Wildlife We Meet Sam, The AIDS Lion Infected By Mistake At A Vet Clinic Boerjke, A Baboon With Epilepsy And Down Syndrome Savanna, The One Eyed Lioness And Marietavan Der Merwe Herself, The Inspiring Proprietor Of Harnas Who Shares Her Home With Needy Wild Animals Survivor Of An Early Life Fraught With Personal Tragedy In The African Bush, She Now Devotes Herself As Care Giver And Ambassador For Wildlife And Wildland Told With Insight, Humor, And Thrilling Immediacy By Author And Harnas Volunteer Barbara Bennett, This Story Will Captivate Readers Of All Ages Ich habe dieses Buch bewu t in der originalsprache bestellt, um mich mit dem Vokabular vertraut zu machen und meine Sprachkenntnisse aufzufrischen.
Das Buch selbst ist herzergreifend, ohne die negativen Seiten eines Afrika Lebens auf einer Wildtier Farm zu besch nigen Es zeigt den Werdegang einer Frau, die sich durch nichts und niemanden von ihrem Traum abringen l t egal wie schwierig und teilweise auch qualvoll es sein mag Und zumindest ich w nsche mir, ich h tte einen hnlichen Lebensweg eingeschlagen.
Ein Leben f r und mit Tieren ohne wenn und aber immer mit dem Blick, dass nicht die Tiere die Bestien sind, sondern in der Regel wir Menschen, da wir gar nicht erst versuchen, die Bed rfnisse jeder einzelnen Tierart zu respektieren.
Buddha said, May all that have life be delivered from suffering Published by National Geographic, Heart of a Lion reveals the care given to injured, orphaned or otherwise challenged animals in the Harnas Wildlife foundation in Namibia, Africa A contrast to Gorillas in the Mist and The Cry of the Kalahari where the animals were sought out in their natural habitat and studied, this book paints a discerning, enjoyable, but not romanticized picture of the plethora of species and individual personalities of the protectorates.
The strength of this refuge is Marieta van der Merwe, proprietor, or appropriately called protector overseeing the feeding, medical and rehabilitative care of a plethora of 400 unwanted, mistreated or misunderstood animals Merwe bottle feeds a baby baboon while conducting planning meetings with her staff of volunteers, family and Bush people Her personal tragedies, losing her mother at age 12, Congo fever later in life, and the death of a loved one in an airplane crash, are interwoven into the narrative.
The heroes, however, are the animals, inhabiting naturalized enclosures with comforting habitats away from prying eyes of the public Elsa, the lion cub who napped on the family couch, Grace, a baby baboon fed with an eyedropper, and Gumbi, the hyena, filmed for Animal Planet who considers ostrich eggs a delicacy Marieta s garden is a frolicking playground for baby leopard, Missy Jo and Houdini, the baby baboon If author Bennett s writing style rambles a bit, perhaps that is simply reflective of the constant distractions and challenges of unexpected victims arriving at the refuge s doorstep Compassion and dedication to preserving the lives of those who can t protect themselves is the key here.
I learned some interesting facts as I read Harnas, the foundation s name was the term for protective armor worn by medieval knights Actress Angela Jolie, Harnas s official patron, has been photographed with a 23 year old cheetah living on campus Lastly, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase of this book benefits the animals nurtured at the Wildlife Foundation Visit for information on how to volunteer, adopt, visit or provide support.
Reviewed by Holly Weiss, author of Crestmont Excellent livre L histoire d une vie hors norme, d vou e aux animaux sauvages et des drames de la vie tres difficile surmonter.
Et pourtant Did I really buy this book 3 years ago and not get around to reading it until now I don t know whether I should get one star for depriving myself of this delicious book for so long or 5 stars for at least having the foresight to purchase it in the first place You know what it s about from the blurb but let me assure you it takes you THERE while you re reading it Oddly, someone said the writing wasn t very good but it certainly is I was mesmerized by this endearing committed family, their unique lifestyle, what they give back to the world via the animals in their care and even the laughter it triggered as I read They re people you would want to know The adult children are characters as are the animals Between them, the daily trials and difficulties of what the van der Merwes family has gone through is not just a story of accomplishment and success but a rich family history and heritage as well You ll want to go there and hang out with them after you read this book And the fabulous thing is you can.
An marvelous book that has been written by a college professor that volunteers at Harness You don t want to miss this one or another marvelous book at , of course is Elephant Whisper Also a true story about the brave men and women that risk their lives to rescue wild animals heal them and keep the animals from harm until they are released into the wild or give them homes to live out their lives with love from their human caregivers Great reads for all you animal lover out there.

Bennett portrays Harnas in a perfect manner Harnas is full of wonderful, loving people who are extremely selfless in their ways of caring for problem animals Marieta is one of those beautiful, selfless people that everybody wishes they could be.
Anybody who is an animal lover should read this book, and if it inspires them, volunteer at Harnas for a summer It s a beautiful place that will change every aspect of your life.
Great book about a wonderful place