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[ Read Online Spiked Boots Ö goddess PDF ] by Robert E Pike ✓ Spike Boots chronicles not only a history of the Connecticut River Valley that is gone and forgotten by all but Pike s characters who plied the river on their log rafts, it also documents and preserves the arduous and danger filled adventure that was their lives This is a good book, written with insight and verve And it is especially good for those of us who know the landscape, the people, and who have tested the river in spring.
In The Days Of Log Drives On The Rivers Of New England, Whenever A Riverman Was Killed On The Drive, His Comrades Hung His Spiked Boots On A Tree To Mark The Spot As A Youth, Robert Pike Spotted Such A Pair Of Boots, And From That Moment Was Born His Lifelong Fascination With The Colorful History Of The New England Logging Industry The Dozens Of Tales He Collected Are Narrated Here By Old Vern, A Cantankerous Backwoods Character Here Are Legends And Wild Anecdotes Of The Loggers And Rivermen Who Worked In The Woods And On The Connecticut And Androscoggin Rivers, Plying Their Romantic, Dangerous Trade In The Early Part Of This Century Others Tell Of Quaint Characters And Unusual Specimens Of God S Carelessness People Like Ginseng Willard, Who Slept In A Coffin For Two Years Just To Get Used To It, Or Ervin Palmer, A Hermit Who Dreamed Of Making A Violin That Would Duplicate The Sounds Of The Natural World Although Pike Was A Respected Scholar And Historian And The Author Of Many books, Spiked Boots Is The One He Wanted To Be Remembered By We Are Proud To Restore To Print This Important Piece Of New England Folk History Illustrated With Never Before Published Photographs From The Author S Private Collection, And A New Foreword By Helen Chantal Pike, Who Grew Up Hearing Her Father S Tales As Bedtime Stories As a song reminds us, Everything old is new again Certainly the reissue of Spiked Boots, the classic anecdotal history of New England loggers, is a case in point Robert Pike s colorful chronicle of early 20th century loggers and their world is a salutary reminder that history is not just charts, graphs, demographics, and footnotes, but is also portraits of unique individuals living and working in vanished environments.
The new edition contains rare, never before published photographs, and an insightful forward by the author s daughter herself a journalist historian providing a portrait of the author a complex, unique New England personality, as fascinating as any he chronicled.
Anyone interested in recalling or capturing fast disappearing regional history would do well to discover this remarkable example Robert Pike served his fortunate subjects well His book is a model for recording regional characteristics before they are lost forever.
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Spiked Boots is among a rare breed of books, either fiction or fact, that can take the reader directly into the minds of the characters and places the author is talking about Robert Pike approaches the tales of Vern Davison, Jack Haley, and a host of others with such clarity you are transported directly back 100 years to the logging industry of the north country You sit in your chair reading the book and the words slowly turn into the wind rushing by your face as you are transported into the horse drawn carriage with Vern Davison and Robert Pike, and you find yourself slowly engulfed in another era.
Not to be overlooked in the new Countryman Press edition is the foreword added by Helen Chantal Pike, Robert Pike s daughter The foreword adds a look into Robert Pike s life that only a daughter could bring into the book, from the tales of the original peddling trips, to the meaning of his writings to himself, to the intimate detail of Robert Pike reading a well worn copy of Spiked Boots over and over again during his last years of life.
Also added to the new edition are several photographs culled from the Pike Archives featuring a rare photographic glimpse of the scenery and people that the tales of Spiked Boots originates from One can fully appreciate the men spoken of as they gaze at the picture of Ginseng Willard next to the coffin he slept in for two years to, get used to it For fans of America, for fans of history, for fans of self reliance, the new edition of Robert E Pike s Spiked Boots is not one to be missing from the shelves of the library It offers a rare glimpse at a by gone era, of men and women that no longer exist in this form of ruggedness that made America what it is today.
Robert Pike s i Spiked Bootsi is a rare sort of history book, one that a reader loves to come across in the arid sea of historical work out that chokes the shelves of book stores Presented as a series of vignettes on subjects ranging from haunted hunting camps to Ginseng Willard and his homemade coffin, Pike provides an important insight into the history and society of the northern reaches of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine It is a presentation of a world that is now gone, pushed through the chutes in the style of the great logging rushes that Old Vern, the cagey ex walking boss and Pike s guide through this world, once worked The presentation of this world is not of a Hesiodic Golden Age, when men were men and trees were plentiful It is a presentation of a world where some men worked hard, some women harder, and some not at all It is a memoir of hard working lumbermen and guides how they worked, how they played, and for some of them, the mistakes that they made that took their lives Pike was a fortunate man to have encountered Vern, for the history that was handed to him is beyond value as a vision into a bygone age and an area that is sometimes forgotten And the characters are unforgetable also.