✓ Read  Stack Silver Get Gold: How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off! (Audible Audio Edition): Hunter Riley III, Richard Banks, The B24 Group: Amazon.ca: Audible Canada by Hunter Riley III õ g-couture.co.uk

✓ Read  Stack Silver Get Gold: How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off! (Audible Audio Edition): Hunter Riley III, Richard Banks, The B24 Group: Amazon.ca: Audible Canada by Hunter Riley III õ If you are a begining investor with limited funds, this is NOT the right direction You are far far better off building your retirement account with a basket of dividend and growth stocks Unless you keep your bullion at home, you must pay someone else to store it while it pays you NO dividends or interestEVER.
If you are worried about the Zombie Apocalypse invest in silver bullets If the dollar collapses, I don t know what gold or silver will do for you or any of us I have never been to a grocery store or a gas station or a health clinic that takes precious metals bullion in exchange for food, gas or health care, at least not yet.
As a counter weight to inflation, it may work for a while, but of you study your historical correlations carefully, the case is not as strong as some claim.
On the other hand, if you just want to own gold and silver that s just fine, go ahead, it s still a free country But as an INVESTMENT it would only be useful as such if you could buy low and sell high If you can do that, your still better off owning a piece of growing companies Some call precious metals a store of real value, but I have not heard someone explain that to me in a way that makes economic sense.
Are you going to trade a 10 oz silver bar for a pig so you can feed your family If things ever got that distopian, I hope you have invested in firearms as well Just remember that when you do go to sell your precious metal holdings so you can actually buy something you need or want, what are you getting in exchange That doggone worthless dollar I am neither an economist nor a big investor, but after the many times I have lost savings in the market through crashes I could not control and barely could anticipate, I realized that for average investors to rely on 401K s, and similar paper investments alone, is unwise It seems to me that investing in something physical with value that is unlikely to decline over a long period of time, is a smart move I appreciate most that this little book targets the key questions that will help and protect small, uninitiated investors in silver and gold People like me Thank you Hunter Riley III.
Of the several books that I have purchased on this subject, this one is by far my favorite Precise and to the point Not endless pages of filler and repeated information I highly recommend this book as the only book on the subject that anyone needs.
My Favorite Buying Gold and Silver Book for Monetary Inflation.
This very strategic and detailed book has everything you need to know about silver and gold bullion investing basics and how to sell gold and silver He also talks about how to get your gold out of the country or store silver secretly in your house The precious metals investing resource section at the end of the book is full of commodities trading info, step by step gold investment strategies, highly rated precious metals brokers and the top gold and silver experts to watch Use some of your money to buy this book and the rest to buy gold and silver.
Stack Silver Get Gold Is The Only Gold And Silver Investing Book You Ll Ever Need Because It S Written By A Nationally Recognized Precious Metals Investing Expert And Chicago Mercantile Exchange Futures Trader With Years Of Buying Gold And Silver Bullion Under His Belt He Reveals All The Tricks Of The Trade That Most People In The Gold And Silver Industry Probably Don T Want You To Know How Do You Buy Gold Or Buy Silver Without Getting Ripped Off How Can You Avoid Having Your Gold And Silver Confiscated By The Government How Do You Start Investing In Gold And Silver If You Don T Have A Ton Of Money To Invest Using A Strategy Called Dollar Cost Averaging Where Do You Go If You Want To Make A Huge Silver And Gold Investment You Ll Discover The Answers To Your Questions Above And Seven Types Of Gold And Silver Bullion To Buy And How To Sell Quickly If You Have To Eleven Types Of Gold And Silver To Avoid Like The Plague Top Three Most Secure Places To Store Your Precious Metals How To Store Your Gold And Silver Secretly In Another Country By Setting Up An Offshore Precious Metals Storage System How I M Personally Investing In Gold And Silver, My Exact Strategy Exactly Where How To Buy Gold And Silver Online Or Locally The Actual Websites Dealers I Use And My Personal Broker Who Also Sells Gold And Silver To A Billionaire How To Add Gold And Silver Bullion To Your IRA Or K Tax Strategies, IRS Reporting Requirements, Travel Restrictions, And How To Get Around Them You Need To Know About FACTA, FBAR, And New Financial Rules Concerning Gold And Silver My Best Precious Metals Resources For All Things Related To Buying Gold And Silver Bullion