☆ Standing Tall Î Download by ñ Andy Reid

☆ Standing Tall Î Download by ñ Andy Reid This man s story left me crying at his courage, determination, and patriotism I have nothing but admiration for both Andy and his wife It left me feeling proud to be British knowing this country still produces the best of the best even when we are under pressure from within Carry on Standing Tall Andy for all our service men and women, including my son.
As a mother of a soldier I wasn t sure I could read this My own son went to Iraq at 18 2 days and came back a different man He went to Afghan the sandpit and again a different man came home It s given me an insight that made my heart quicken, made me laugh and made me cry in equal measures.
Note not to be read on the tube lol Andy I absolutely salute you and your determination and success Keep it up and if I can ever help the ABF I will In 2011 my employers raised over 100k which I took part in.
Corporal Andy Reid Was An Ordinary Soldier, Serving In Helmand Province, Afghanistan But His Life Changed Forever On Tuesday, October ,, When He Was Blown Up By A Taliban Improvised Explosive Device He Had Lost Both Legs And His Right Arm, While The Index Finger Of His Left Hand Was Almost Completely Removed Yet He Didsurvive, And Less Than A Month After Being Blown Up, He Was Reunited With His Patrol Back In Warminster He Went On To Have A Pair Of Prosthetic Legs Fitted, Which Allowed Him To Go On A World Cruise With His Fiance Claire InIn The Same Year He Was Nominated For And Won The Sun S Military Award In Between He Has Cycled From Land S End To John O Groats, Skydived, And Made A Number Of Appearances On Behalf Of Service Charities Andy S Story Demonstrates How, With Patience, Courage, And Determination, Hope Can Triumph Over Despair But He Has Two Stories To Tell The First Is The Story Of Corporal Reid, Burma Company, Rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment Infantry Section Commander Then There Is The Story Of Andy Reid, Triple Amputee Skydiver, Cyclist, Charity Fundraiser, Husband, And Father Andy Is Acutely Aware That For Every Injured Soldier Like Him, There Are Many Who Have Their Spirits Crushed With Despair As They Face A Lifetime Of Pain, Disability, And Impairment Even Those Who Seem To Make A Full Recovery May Not Yet Exhibit The True Extent Of Their Mental Injuries He Is Not Seeking Pity Or Admiration, But He Does Want To Make Sure That We, The General Public, Know, As Much As Someone Who Has Not Been There Or Been Through It Themselves Can Ever Know, What Opertations In Afghanistan Are Like, What Happens To Those Who Get Injured, And What Future They Might Have A great read that I couldn t put down I laughed and cried in the same sentences Written with humility and a positive attitude without losing the grit or the horrors of conflict.
The addition of short chapters from his wife and best friend added another dimension missing from other similar booksHighly recommended.
This book is not just about the experiences of the author but the experiences and feelings of so many injured in recent wars You might say he was fortunate in that he was able to come to terms with his injuries Most could not handle it so well but that is not their fault The author conveys his feelings very well and gives an insight to the work and experience of those serving in our armed forces.
Andy thank you for the recommendation this was a truly an inspirational read The bravery of our service men and women is amazing Would recommend this book to anyone.
I chose this book after being told about it by a friend of Andy s who is now a friend of mine Thanks for the recommendation Tim A fantastically inspiring, often humorous read about someone who really has triumphed over adversity Andy Reid take a bow A trudge to in every sense of the word I salute you sir.
I really loved the way this book is written and the humour that the author imparts in spite of his horrific ordeals.
It tells things as they were in an honest way without shying from difficult aspects of recovering from the loss of limbs after an explosion in Afghanistan It is also a love story of extraordinary depths.
An inspiring and amazing book which you will not want to put down.

When I purchased this book on Kindle, the must read comment came via a link from Andy s friends on facebook one of whom is the mum of Val Andy s book is done with candour direct from his heart and feet, no holds barred which is how it should be I started the book thinking oh read a couple of chapters have a drink Got to chapter five without the aid of a comfort break couldn t put it down until I had read the whole story.
It left me wanting to hug both Andy and Claire closely and so pleased about baby Alex s arrival Revealing this will not spoil your enjoyment of the book, and I defy anyone to say didn t move me.
Certainly one story that needs to hit the best sellers list, and if possible straight from nowhere to the number 1 slot.
Thanks Andy for telling your story Your a true blue Hero.
Has to be by far, THE best book I ve read, highly recommended, 100 %, a true British hero, thank you.