ê Stop Buying Mutual Funds: Easy Ways to Beat the Pros Investing On Your Own Ì Download by ↠´ Mark J. Heinzl

ê Stop Buying Mutual Funds: Easy Ways to Beat the Pros Investing On Your Own Ì Download by ↠´ Mark J. Heinzl Stop Buying Mutual Funds Is The Book That Bay Street Still Doesn T Want You To read For Years, Millions Of Canadians Have Injected Billions Of Dollars Into Mutual Funds In The Quest For Better Returns On Their Investments But Few Investors Realize That Most Canadian Equity Mutual Funds Consistently Underperform The TSE300 The Key Benchmark They Re Measured Against Stop Buying Mutual Funds Explains Why So Many Canadian Funds Turn In Such Poor Performances And Offers A Simple Approach To Beating The Pros By Investing On Your Own Stop Buying Mutual Funds Low Risk, Low Maintenance System Of Do It Yourself Investing Increases Your Chances Of Reaping Long Term Returns That Beat Most Canadian Stock And Bond Mutual Funds Provides A Low Fee Do It Yourself Alternative To Buying Mutual Funds Shows You How You Can Create And Build Your Own Solid, Low Risk And Bond Portfolio With Canadian And Foreign Investments Tells You How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Or Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Feels Over A Lifetime Of Investing Helps To Maximize Your Investment Returns Both Inside And Outside Of Your RRSP Offers Practical Advice For A Range Of Investors, From The Totally Risk Averse To The Risk Tolerant Completely Revised And Updated Statistics Show That Mutual Funds Are Still Well Behind The Indexes Discusses The Emergence Finally Of Low Fee Index Funds In Canada The Fast Growing Number Of Index Stocks To Choose From And Much.

Good read If you are expecting this edition to be a significant revision from the prior one based on the publication date of June, 1, 2009, you will be sadly disappointed The book is dated circa 2001 based on not only the copyright date, but references to i the TSE 300 index, which was replaced by the S P TSX Composite Index.
in 2002 and ii stocks such as MOL.
A TSE Molson Inc merged with US based Coors to form Molson Coors Brewing Company in 2005.
Save your money and borrow whatever version of this book is in your library.
Shame to the publisher and author for leading the public to believe the content of this 2009 edition contains recent material.