Download Epub Format ☆ Sugar Gliders PDF by ↠´ Caroline Wightman

Download Epub Format ☆ Sugar Gliders PDF by ↠´ Caroline Wightman I researched for 4 months before getting my first glider I bought five different books This is the BEST book on Sugar Gliders I have ever seen I am constantly referring back to this book for information I rate it at 5 stars and I highly recommend this is the only book you will ever need Thanks, These Popular, Adorable Marsupials Come From The Same General Family As Koalas And Kangaroos, And Are Native To Australia And New Guinea When Trained Properly, Sugar Gliders Are Considered Just As Wonderful As Any Dog With Similar Intelligence, Personality, And Affectionate Natures BES Pet Owner S Manual On Sugar Gliders Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About How To Make Life With Your Lovable Pet Comfortable And Enjoyable Includes Information On Housing, Health Care, Behavior, Training, Grooming, And Illustrated With Color Photos And Instructive Line Art, This Must Have Manual Offers Important Advice And Tips For Keeping Your Newest Family Member Happy And Well This is a nice basic book I can share with my granddaughters as we embark on our own sugar glider journey BUT I must amend something right away they can definitely be stinky if you have a male and a female especially if there is breeding activity And if we didn t have the luxury of 2 closed doors and some space between our rooms they d wake us up frequently through the night with their playing and barking I have a male and a female, and his need to mark his territory has been a daily battle for me to keep the odor under sufficient control, and everyone s experiences are different but I now know from people I ve met who breed that this is very common Gliders personalities also differ just as much as cats and dogs do too, and most books fail to tell you that your glider experience may be as different as night and day to what you read It s a pretty book, and it s nice to have at least one reference book to put my hands on I am so glad I decided to order this book It is full of amazing facts, tips and suggestions for people who would like to own a sugar glider I highly recommend this to anyone who is even considering adoption.
We ve recently adopted five mature Sugar Gliders and this book has definitley come in handy It s a great resource for new sugar glider owners and seems to have a lot of information I ve found through other research However, this book is limited in that it is written from a single person s perspective and doesn t necessarily address all of the challenges issues a new glider owner may encounter Overall, great for beginners, but still need to do your own supplemental research.
This is a professionally done work with excellent writing, lots of pictures and illustrations, and a thorough index However, it is dated, that is to say that this is a re publishing of a work originally done well over a decade ago, and it does show in places The amount of information on every aspect of Sugar Gliders is well worth the price, but it would be nice if the author or publisher updated the volume and included some guidelines and suggestions for websites and the information some not valid about Sugar Gliders aka sugar bears available on the web, including cautions about misinformation too.

Just as ordered Love it Good book Helpful, basic information Nice, clear photos Needsinfo pertaining to bonding and how a sugar glider can fit into your everyday routine Good recipes Overall helpful and an easy read.