↠´ Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel ☆ Download by ↠´ Gary Shteyngart

↠´ Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel ☆ Download by ↠´ Gary Shteyngart the author s unfortunately quite realistic vision of where the US could be in 20 to 50 years is capturing The story begins excellent, you keep reading and hope the plot will unravel Super sad that it never does It diverts and into what appears to me to be the authors obsession with asian or korean women.
So at the end too many questions remain open I had to force myself to read the last 20 pages or so Nonetheless the novel contains excellent ideas For instance the northern euro and that s before the greek and later spanish and italian debt size was revealed or the US governments spying on its citizens emails , smartphone usage and the like again envisioned long before Snowden s relevations on the activities of the NSA Snowden merely confirmed all this.
Shteyngart s third novel is the wittiest attack on the first decade of the 21st century I ve read in any form, fiction or non fiction However, Super Sad True Love Story is also, as its title suggests, a satire with heart and emotion As much as I laughed at Shteyngart s critique of iPod toting, self obsessed Generation Wires say it aloud and the American values devouring all that made the U.
S great, I was profoundly moved by his tale of a couple trying to find love in a time when self love is promoted at the expense of all else.
If, like some reviewers here, you re looking for an escapist novel dominated by plot, I d suggest you avoid this great work of literature and seek out some mass market genre fiction Conversely, if you re interested in a vivacious work that illuminates our troubled age with a power that will make you laugh until you crylook no further.
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borring,not my type or i dont understand the vocabulary because english is not my first language however my friends whom english is their first lang also found it borring A dystopian future that is now than a minute away Gary leads us in front of a mirror sent from our future as a warning I could not put it down.
Set in an America of the near future, nobody wants books any Except for Lenny Abramov, our unlikely hero Lenny owns books, and he reads them too Everyone else They are too busy networking Lenny works for Post Human Services, where High Net Worth Individuals buy age reversing treatments in their pursuit of immortality Success in this world is measured, and broadcast instantly Personal communication devices apparats provide all the connection, data flow and networking that a human might ever need Instantly.
When Lenny meets Eunice Park, he instantly falls in love Eunice reluctantly begins to date Lenny and their relationship grows, not so much through romance as through mutual need and co dependency A perfect match, perhaps, for this dysfunctional world the dollar is crashing, America is becoming a police state, owned by the Chinese, and Low Net Worth Individuals are threatening to revolt.
The world as we know it is coming to an end Or is it This novel is part satire, part romance, and part dystopian vision And scary, especially for those of us who remember the past, and still like reading books.
I admired the cleverness of this novel, mostly enjoyed the writing and disliked the people It amused me and disturbed me Is it shallow, or is it deep That depends very much on your own perception Together we ll surprise the world Hmm.
Jennifer Cameron Smith NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A Deliciously Dark Tale Of Americas Dysfunctional Coming Yearsand The Timeless And Tender Feelings That Just Might Bring Us Back From The BrinkMED ONE OF THE BEST books OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times The Washington Post The Boston Globe San Francisco Chronicle The Seattle Times O The Oprah Magazine Maureen Corrigan, NPR Salon Slate Minneapolis Star Tribune St Louis Post Dispatch The Kansas City Star Charlotte Observer The Globe And Mail Vancouver Sun Montreal Gazette Kirkus ReviewsIn The Near Future, America Is Crushed By A Financial Crisis And Our Patient Chinese Creditors May Just Be Ready To Foreclose On The Whole Mess Then Lenny Abramov, Son Of An Russian Immigrant Janitor And Ardent Fan Of Printed, Bound Media Artifacts Aka books , Meets Eunice Park, An Impossibly Cute Korean American Woman With A Major In Images And A Minor In Assertiveness Could Falling In Love Redeem A Planet Falling Apart