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[ Pdf Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse: A Lifetime in Miniature Î musicals PDF ] by Jay Paul à This inspiring book provides readers a colorful look at the holiday season at the home of renowned artist Tasha Tudor Accompanying Harry Davis kaleidoscopic descriptions is illustrations and photographs by Jay Paul The book is well designed and depicts a wide range of Christmas activities centering on how Ms Tudor and friends celebrate the season of joy This is a wonderful gift for individuals who enjoy the art of Tasha Tudor as Mr Davis and Mr Paul pay homage to the great artist.
Harriet Klausner Paper Not acid free Binding Perfect , i.
e signatures trimmed to single pages, then glued.
Photographer Jay Paul has done a fine job capturing the moods of the two very expressive dolls made by Ms Tudor, Captain Thaddeus Crane , who looks like Henry David Thoreau , and Emma Birdwhistle Also, atmospheric views of objects within the house, and, in a separate section, a selection from the collection in brightly lit photos.
I like many aspects of the book design, but object to the diagram of the house with the room of the chapter shaded, useful as it is, taking a whole page at the beginning of each chapter It could have been shrunk down to take the place of the four tiny unreadable photo details placed next to the restatement of each chapter title, leaving the facing page for another large picture or two Also, I don t believe in double page spreads The gutter down the middle ruins one s ability to understand the picture All of the full room pictures are two page spreads.
But then, the rooms don t have much architectural distinction They are a group of restrained room boxes made to showcase the collection, not a model of a house that might draw away interest for itself And being so large, already dominating the exhibition gallery as it reportedly did, it couldn t be given full depth.
The title of the book is a bit of a misnomer It is not really Tasha Tudor s dollhouse, but The Tasha Tudor Dollhouse At The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, Williamsburg, Virginia The house was specially built, with her collaboration, to display Ms.
Tudor s collection of miniatures, and, because the scale of the objects is one fourth human size , not the usual dollhouse one twelfth, so the dolls must be nearly a foot and a half tall , the house was too large to go home with Ms Tudor once the special exhibition Take Joy The World Of Tasha Tudor closed, six months after the opening date Nov 2, 1996.
Harry Davis s text states, over the course of than seventy seven yearsthe dolls have changed residences many timesone doll or another has leftto go with a grown child, perhaps to start another miniature version of a life Since building Corgi Cottage in 1971, Tasha had not had a dollhouse large enough to house the entire collection She had room settings in built in cases along a wall adjacent to her bedroom Perhaps someday a book will come out detailing the history of Tasha Tudor s family s collections of miniatures, dolls, and the houses for them, past and present.
The last four pages of the book are occupied by a chronological listing of Ms Tudor s books, 1938 to 1999, she died 2008 It s not the full biographer s researcher s bibliography you d find at the end of a biography, that would include her works outside of books, and articles about her in magazines and newspapers, but it is quite a nice thing to have.
The text does mention a 1955 LIFE magazine article covering Thaddeus s first marriage, to Melissa Shakespeare , the doll that inspired the book A Is For Annabelle It may be seen in Googlebooks It was in the Sept 12th issue, four pages of black and white photos by Verner Reed.

I saw this book in a store in Vermont while on vacation I knew I wanted it I have always been a fan of Tasha Tudor, even before I realized I grew up a couple of miles from her Vermont home This book shows another side of her many talents and keeps alive the past for those to come.
I ve long been an admirer of Tasha Tudor her eccentric way of life This dollshouse echoes her perfectly I would count it with Queen Mary s house the Dutch baby houses Wish I could see it in real life but the many illustrations almost compensate for that Love Tasha Tudor Enjoyed this book about her dollhouse This is a great substitute for not being able to see this dollhouse close up Lots of great photos and text.
Purchased mainly because I had done many of the pottery pieces in the book I gave book to my son and family.
The photos of the dollhouse are fantastic It is a one quarter scale version of Tasha Tudor s own earlyeighteenth century style home in Vermont Each room is a double page Followed by pages of close ups and descriptions Wonderfully inspiring A One Quarter Human Scale Version Of Tudor S Own th Century Victorian Style Vermont Home, Corgi Cottage, In Which She Exhibits Astonishing Works Of Miniature Art, From Musical Instruments And Shaker Boxes To Tiny Printed books And Cakes And Cookies That Look Good Enough To Eat Color Photos If you can t own an expensive doll house get this wonderful book to pour over Totally great