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[Joan Maloof] é Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forest [world-of-warcraft PDF] Ebook Epub Download é I liked Ms Maloof s steady, lighthearted pace in combination with her informative style I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys time in the woods and the feel of the forest I chose this rating because every time I stopped reading I could hardly wait to begin again.
Nice relaxing read as well as informative.
Seeing as I need 13 words I ll just repeat myself an enjoyable read.
When I was young, my neighbor told me that when she was a child in early 20th century Philadelphia, she thought that a tree was a particular kind of plant and that was that Imagine her amazement the first time she left the city and discovered that there were what seemed to be an infinite variety of trees Joan Maloof takes the reader to the next level She explains that far from each tree being merely a unique organism, that each tree is an entire ecosystem indeed, that each tree is an interdependent universe of organisms that depend on each other in the most unimaginably wonderful and intricate ways.
I have spent my entire life in a rural area surrounded by trees, yet reading this book awakened a new curiosity, a new appreciation, a need to explore and learn that I never felt before.
Anyone will be enriched by reading Teaching the Trees , but for the young person steeped in consumer culture who thinks that trees are for shade or lumber and that bugs are pests, it could be a life changing experience, leading to an appreciation of the wonders of the forest, and perhaps a lifetime of study and enjoyment of the miracles of nature.
I loved this book which is so simple and sweet and with a powerful message How sad that these beautiful, ancient forests are being cut down so that pine forests which are fast growing can be planted in their wake Tragic I loved the way Joan Maloof shared her experience of the trees she loves so much She also showed the interconnectedness of all the plant and animal species and how dependent they are on the trees The trees need them too.

I bought this book for my husband as a gift He is really into nature and planting trees for the benefits they offer He said he really liked this book and keeps it by his nightstand for reference.
Maloof s honest words and passion for trees strike a chord Both poetic and incredibly informative, her effortless ability to combine story telling with science alongside gorgeous illustrations make this book a joy to read.
So inspiring and well written It makes one want to spend much time walking through forests and sitting in them to take it all in.
I m a tree lover, and I love to read and learn This is an unusually good book blending narrative, experiences, and a love for the forest I am hopeful other books will live up to how pleasurable and rewarding this was to read, but few do.
In This Collection Of Natural History Essays, Biologist Joan Maloof Embarks On A Series Of Lively, Fact Filled Expeditions Into Forests Of The Eastern United States Through Maloofs Engaging, Conversational Style, Each Essay Offers A Lesson In Stewardship As It Explores The Interwoven Connections Between A Tree Species And The Animals And Insects Whose Lives Depend On Itand Who, In Turn, Work To Ensure The Trees SurvivalNever Really At Home In A Laboratory, Maloof Took To The Woods Early In Her Career Her Enthusiasm For Firsthand Observation In The Wild Spills Over Into Her Writing, Whether The Subject Is The Composition Of Forest Air, The Eagles Preference For Nesting In Loblolly Pines, The Growth Rings Of The Bald Cypress, Or The Gray Squirrels Fondness For Weevil Infested Acorns With A Storytellers Instinct For Intriguing Particulars, Maloof Expands Our Notions About What A Tree Is Through Her Many Asidesabout The Six Species Of Leafhoppers Who Eat Only Syca Leaves Or The Midges Who Live Inside Holly Berries And Somehow Prevent Them From Turning RedAs A Scientist, Maloof Accepts That Trees Have A Spiritual Dimension That Cannot Be Quantified As An Unrepentant Tree Hugger, She Finds Support In The Scientific Case For Biodiversity As An Activist, She Cant Help But Wonder How Much Time Is Left For Our Forests