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[ Pdf Technical Analysis For Dummies Ø world-of-warcraft PDF ] by Barbara Rockefeller ↠´ Pretty mediocre effort I am still reading it but I am very pleased with it so far, clarifying some stuff I thought I already knew and teaching me , the author clearly knows her stuff the book arrived promptly Grasp And Apply The Basic Principles Of Technical Analysis Savvy Traders Know That The Best Way To Maximize Return Is To Interpret Real World Market Information For Themselves Rather Than Relying Solely On The Predictions Of Professional Analysts This Straightforward Guide Shows You How To Put This Into Profitable Actionfrom Basic Principles And Useful Formulas To Current Theories On Market Trends And Behavioral Economicsto Make The Most Lucrative Decisions For Your Portfolio The Latest Edition Of Technical Analysis For Dummies Includes A Brand New Chapter On Making The Right Decisions In A Bull Or Bear Market, An Updated Look At Unique Formulas And Key Indicators, As Well As Refreshed And Practical Examples That Reflect Today Today S Financial Atmosphere Become An Expert In Spotting Market Trends And Key Indicators Get The Skinny On The Latest Research On Behavioral Economics Take A Deep Dive Into How To read Market Sentiment And Make It Work For You Get A Look At The First Innovation In Charting For Decadesstraight From Japan With Comprehensive Coverage From Charting Basics To The Cutting Edge, Technical Analysis For Dummies Includes Everything You Need To The Make Informed Independent Market Decisions That Will Maximize Your Profits Happy Trading I guess Barbara must really know what she s doing to be able to get this published, because it s terribly written And I don t mean it s too technical I hold a physics degree, so I m used to formulae and charts It s just poor writing For example Remember and Idea points are supposed to highlight key ideas, but this author uses them for rambling paragraphs that sometimes add little It suffers from general wordiness I bet she could half the number of words in the book I ve found several grammatical errors throughout the course of the book, such as hyphenating efficient There are a few other inconsistencies that make the book difficult to read throughout She spends the first two chapters pretty much just defending Technical Analysis from would be critics I get it It s not perfect I picked up your book, so I m already giving you the benefit of the doubt The above point is extra strange considering that she talks about making predictions using the moon, stars and sunspots in chapter 18 I understand that it s good to keep these things in mind because people are irrational, but it came off as a bit silly after all that defending at the start.
There s , but you get the gist It doesn t feel like it s seen a professional editor This book is a good starting point for technical analysis, but it needs serious editing before it should be valued at its current price.
Tengo varios libros de trading for dummies, y este es muy malo, no sirve de nada En lugar de ser un libro t cnico es solo texto texto y mas texto, casi no tiene ejemplos pr cticos, realmente no te ense a a usar las herramientas t cnicas para el trading Es demasiado general No cumple su objetivo, busca otro libro para an lisis t cnico.
For a in depth view once you decide if you are a technical or fundamental trader I would have given this book 7 stars but I am only allowed 5 This book explains technical analysis in simple and plain language and even goes into some sophisticated concept in easy to understand language.

Thank you Barbara for providing us with such insight and knowledge about technical trading, you are truly an expert.
This book will take you from A to Z in technical trading if you are starting.
But if you already have a head start, it will take you even further with lots of insights.
This book is clearly above average in the for Dummies series.
Or maybe I was just dumber than I thought Provides a clear understanding of important trigger points