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[George Saunders] Ú Tenth of December: Stories [harlequin-kimani-romance PDF] Read Online  Each story contains literary brilliance than most authors achieve in whole books I read the whole thing on December 10th and only noticed the coincidence afterwards.
I love great short stories and this book is one of the very best Innovative, relevant, funny, bizarre, captivating, and of course, filled with short stories The New York Times rated it as its best book of the year I concur.
NEW YORK TIMESBESTSELLER NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST NAMED ONE OF TIMESTEN BEST FICTION books OF THE DECADE NAMED ONE OF THE BEST books OF THE DECADE BY ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY AND BUZZFEEDNAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST books OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWNAMED ONE OF THE BEST books OF THE YEAR BY People The New York Times Magazine NPR Entertainment Weekly New York The Telegraph BuzzFeed Kirkus Reviews BookPage Shelf AwarenessOne Of The Most Important And Blazingly original Writers Of His Generation, George Saunders Is An Undisputed Master Of The Short Story, And Tenth Of December Is His Most Honest, Accessible, And Moving Collection Yet In The Taut Opener, Victory Lap, A Boy Witnesses The Attempted Abduction Of The Girl Next Door And Is Faced With A Harrowing Choice Does He Ignore What He Sees, Or Override Years Of Smothering Advice From His Parents And Act In Home, A Combat Damaged Soldier Moves Back In With His Mother And Struggles To Reconcile The World He Left With The One To Which He Has Returned And In The Title Story, A Stunning Meditation On Imagination, Memory, And Loss, A Middle Aged Cancer Patient Walks Into The Woods To Commit Suicide, Only To Encounter A Troubled Young Boy Who, Over The Course Of A Fateful Morning, Gives The Dying Man A Final Chance To Recall Who He Really Is A Hapless, Deluded Owner Of An Antiques Store Two Mothers Struggling To Do The Right Thing A Teenage Girl Whose Idealism Is Challenged By A Brutal Brush With Reality A Man Tormented By A Series Of Pharmaceutical Experiments That Force Him To Lust, To Love, To Killthe Unforgettable Characters That Populate The Pages Of Tenth Of December Are Vividly And Lovingly Infused With Saunderss Signature Blend Of Exuberant Prose, Deep Humanity, And Stylistic Innovation Writing Brilliantly And Profoundly About Class, Sex, Love, Loss, Work, Despair, And War, Saunders Cuts To The Core Of The Contemporary Experience These Stories Take On The Big Questions And Explore The Fault Lines Of Our Own Morality, Delving Into The Questions Of What Makes Us Good And What Makes Us Human Unsettling, Insightful, And Hilarious, The Stories In Tenth Of Decemberthrough Their Manic Energy, Their Focus On What Is Redeemable In Human Beings, And Their Generosity Of Spiritnot Only Entertain And Delight They Fulfill Chekhovs Dictum That Art Should Prepare Us For Tenderness GEORGE SAUNDERS WAS NAMED ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD BY TIME MAGAZINE Tenth of December.
Titled after the last of its ten short stories Aptly anchoring the book Winter Cold Chilling Grey Frozen Dead.
I love Winter.
Style minimalist Characters nearing the shortest day of the year Dark.
Summer person You might not warm to this book read it anyway.
Spring will come.
Star rating note The Semplica Girl Diaries five stars Everyone, everywhere should read this story.
The other nine stories range from one to four stars.
It got great reviews, so I bought it It was worth reading, but I wouldn t rave about it Not bad, but not great either.
Could not relate to the stories or characters and found it easy to put down Will not recommend it to my book club.
Satiric and ironic yet compassionate and free from sarcasm, George Saunders uniquely captures the fragmented, absurd realities of 21st century life In prose that vividly mimics thought, he mocks bureaucracy, technology and materialism without creating contemptuous characters Tenth of December, Saunders s bold and moving fourth collection, opens with the story of a young teen pondering the special one in her future A guileless romantic, her life turns upside down after seeing a neighbouring classmate jog past her kitchen window In a later dystopian fable, an experiment takes a dark turn after a young inmate is dosed with elixirs intended to cause lust, eloquence and despair.
The disturbing, anti consumerist The Semplica Girl Diaries begins as the narrator plans to write a page a day for the kids and grandkids He feels demoralized because his two daughters pine for the material possessions their classmates have, including Semplica Girls, women who escape human trafficking by literally serving as lawn ornaments for wealthy Americans On the opposite end of the spectrum, the title story, beautifully and precisely constructed, features a pale boy on a heroic mission who ultimately finds himself rescued and a terminally ill cancer patient who rediscovers the preciousness of life.
Saunders fills his morally acute new collection with illumination, even when writing about violence and suicide He depicts the human realm with stark realism and constantly presents situations which leave the reader wondering what would I do

I read this collection as preparation for a course on short story writing and was blown away by the richness and variety of the stories By parts surreal, visceral and absurd, the stories are consistently disturbing and often hilarious A really enjoyable and memorable read.
The wrting of the book is fine However, the quality of the printed copy is HORRIBLE The first page does not attach to the book, which is the reason why I returned it However, the second deliverery copy is also BROKEN with the SAME PROBLEM Really touchingly good Not a dud amongst these stories I have only eleven words to write about how good this book is.