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[Douglas Monroe] À The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic & Lore [counting PDF] Ebook Epub Download É Do not be fooled by other s opinion on Monroe read the book and make your own mind, for here lies true seeds of gnosis, which is the essence of Druidry.
As Carl Llewellyn Weschcke states on the first page in his introduction this book is a RECONSTRUCTION of the Druidic Tradition In this sense it is as accurate and authoritative as any other reconstruction Indeed, this is the best I have seen because it intuitively taps into the spirit and essense of the old Celtic priestly cast Monroe is a primal mystic that understands other primal mystics throughout the ages.
The book itself is a masterful blend of fictional narrative and detailed lore Indeed, there is a great store of knowlege between and within the threads of the story It is all consistent with the great wisdom teachings of East and West there is no hidden left hand path stuff here.
If you want to immerse yourself into the Druidic mind set, take this book and go camping in an oak grove for a week I know if I ever finally make it to Old Briton I shall take this book with me I intend to read it upon a faery hill and find either wisdom or madness or finally discover that on the most fundamental level they are one and the same.
For Those With An Inner Drive To Touch Genuine Druidism Or Who Feel That The Lore Of King Arthur Touches Them Personally The Lessons Of Merlyn Will Come As An Engrossing Adventure And Psychological Journey Into History And Magic This Is A Complete Introductory Course In Celtic Druidism, Packaged Within The Framework Of Authentic And Expanded Folk Story Lessons That read Like A Novel More fantasy than anything else Would not recommend to any serious seeker.
This book is gross in its misinformation, lack of research and overall terrible scholarship More than enough reviews here present the falsities contained in Monroe s work s This book can cause harm due to its inaccuracies Mistletoe is POISONOUS For all this and I rate it a one star, but I feel that it does have some merit and this is why This was the second book I read on the Celts and Druidism in particular In hindsight, I am a bit angry at the lies it fed my eager mind, but also still thankful for the imaginative inspiration it fostered within me I think that most will agree that the book has a good story albeit fiction and overall magical feel to it, and this is where I think that we should pay the most attention The format and feel of the book should be a sort of guide post model for future authors in this genre I have been on many mailing lists that attest to the great number of young pagans druids that this book inspired to further their knowledge Yes, it can and has done harm, but as a source of inspiration to those looking for an introduction, etc it has done its job An eclectic view of mixing and matching the good of the book with the good of quality scholarship could be a great thing indeed.
Don t get me wrong I love Celtic books in general And I tried to read this one.
The 21 Lessons of Merlyn is confusing, incoherent, and sexist I can t follow this book from one paragraph to the next, since it doesn t seem to be organized very well It skips from topic to topic And, the author seems to look down his nose at women He suggests that the young boy s girls are icky attitude is actually the proper attitude for a grown man, and that socialization is to blame for any attraction a man may feel for a woman He claims that no one can become a powerful magician if he depletes his power through sex This book has turned several women of my aqcuaintance away from the Celtic path, and that s sad If you must read this, make sure you read some other Celtic books first, so you don t come away with the impression that this system is the one and only Celtic way.
No people with an interest in Druids should read this book Fantastic A great way to be introduced to druidism NOT I would love to e mail each and everyone of theses folks that say, I have been a studying practicing Druid for 2 years, and as of yet this is the best book on Celtic Druidism around, and ask them what the heck they have been reading for 2 years The problem with this book is that so many people have read it as their 1st book, and take it as gospel and then say that every archaeological historical mythological text on the face of the planet is wrong because the information doesn t match up This book is nothing but FICTION Come on people, it is simple enough to prove this book wrong The book of Pherllt didn t even exist DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK or the Lost books of Merlyn.
Excellent read.

Do not be fooled by other s opinion on Monroe read the book and make your own mind, for here lies true seeds of gnosis, which is the essence of Druidry.
This is an interesting train of thought and should be considered if you are someone who thinks outside the box