Download Epub Format Þ The Alchemy of Loss: A Young Widow's Transformation PDF by Þ Abigail Carter

Download Epub Format Þ The Alchemy of Loss: A Young Widow's Transformation PDF by Þ Abigail Carter Like A Year Of Magical Thinking, This Powerful And Touching Book Is Both An Inspirational read And A Comfort To Those Who Are Looking For Help In Overcoming Loss.
The Phone Rang It Was My Husband Arron Telling Me That He Was At Windows Of The World In The World Trade Center Theres Been A Bomb He Said I Had Been Preparing My Six Year Old Daughter For Her Second Day Of First Grade, Balancing My Two Year Old Son On My Hip, And I Was Distracted OK I Managed To Say Back It Was 8 49 A.
m On September 11, 2001 He Never Came Home.
Abigail Carter Is Smart, Funny, Perceptive, And Bereft In The Eyes Of Most, Herself Included, She Had It All A Full Life With A Loving Successful Husband And Two Beautiful Children But In A Horrifying Instant Watched By The World, It Was Gone, And Her Life And Her Childrens Were Changed Irreparably How Does One Learn To Live Again After Tragedy The Alchemy Of Loss Is Abbys Moving Story Of Answering That Unimaginable Question Veering Away From The Trite And Pat Grief books, Which Offer One Size Fits All Solutions To This Most Deeply Personal And Unique Experience, She Realizes That Each Person Must Forge Her Own Path Through Grief, And That There Are No Right Answers.
Abbys Journey Took Her Six Years, In Which She Turned Everything She Knew About Herself Upside Down In Order To Learn To Live Again She Charts This Journey In The Years Most Remarkable Memoir The Alchemy Of Loss Is Her Gift To Us All Reminding Us That Life Throws Up Roadblocks We Cant Anticipate, And That We Cannot Live Well If We Live With Regrets.
Abby,I really enjoyed reading your book, it was tough reading of your loss and the things youand your children had to go through Very happy how things turned out for you all.

The honesty of The Alchemy of Loss hits you on the first page and doesn t let go Author Abigail Carter draws an achingly slow arc across the first minutes, hours, days, months and years after the death of her husband in 9 11 Never one to tell a half truth, the author shares her feelings of anger and hurt at the impersonal 9 11 memorials not finding solace in the worldwide remembrance of the victims being unsure how to act as a 9 11 widow navigating the morass of paperwork and ultimately reinventing her life and creating her own unique birdbath in her backyard, filling it with champagne and providing straws to friends on the third anniversary of her husband s memorial Just as alchemy is the process of turning lead to gold, Abigail Carter journeys courageously from the depths of grief to starting life anew This was a book I could not put down by a generous author who censors nothing By the time she acknowledges those who helped me navigate the icy waters of my journey, helped me scale walls, slay dragons and turn lead to gold I m certain any reader will be completely taken by this magnificent work.
The Alchemy of Loss is a compelling book about one woman s loss on September 11th and how that event ultimately transformed her life Abigail candidly shares her journey from the first moment of realization that her life would never be the same again through the grief of her loss and dealing with the reality of her new role as head of a family of three, forging ahead to make choices and create a life that would allow her to heal and her children to be fulfilled, happy people.
I m thankful that Abigail chose to open her heart and share her storyI think it s an important one for everyone to read, not just to be reminded to embrace the moment and live life to the fullest, but to know that change, no matter how painful, always has the potential to create growth, goodness, and hope.