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Æ Read Æ The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory : The Nobel Lecture by Derek Walcott ☆ Almost 40 years ago my friend and mentor, Count Taylor, told me about Derek Walcott poet, writer, watercolorist but I d not read Walcott until just nowa serious mistake THE ANTILLES FRAGMENTS OF EPIC MEMORY, is just a small book but to read it is to step into another universe Walcott applies layer upon layer of translucent watercolor pigment to an undulating and ever changing canvasall to the purpose of separating the reader from her preconceptions.
Read this and you will never look at a cruise ship parked in a Caribbean harbor in the same way again.
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This book may seem to be a bit slow at first, but as you get into it further, Walcott s words really start to affect you His sense of awareness of American perceptions of the Caribbean are dead on, and he exposes them for what they are Most importantly, he address poetry in general, relating the poetry he writes to the poetry he sees around him It is in many ways a fierce defense of the beauty and timelessness of both poetry, and the Caribbean In just these short pages I found food for thought and things that have gotten me thinking than in many novels or other works I have read recently Definitely worth it Derek Walcott Was Awarded The Nobel Prize In Literature On December , His Nobel Lecture Is A Stirring Evocation Of The Multivalent Wholeness Of The Culture Of The Antilles, Forged Out Of A Violent History Against A Land And Seascape Of Immemorial Dimensions Caribbean Culture Is Not Evolving But Already Shaped, Writes Walcott Its Proportions Are Not To Be Measured By The Traveller Or The Exile, But By Its Own Citizenry And Architecture He Finds The Image Of This Culture In The City Of Port Of Spain, Trinidad, Mongrelized, Polyglot, A Ferment Without A History, Like Heaven And Watching A Group Of East Indian Trinidadians Reenact The Hindu Epic The Ramayana In The Small Village Of Felicity, He Meditates On The Sacred Celebration Of Joy, The Rehearsal Of Collective Memory, That Is The Very Essence Of Human Experience, Beyond History Walcott S Lecture Is A Powerful Reenvisionmg Of The Themes That Have Energized And Informed His Poetry