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[Stephen Vletas] ✓ The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide [foursome PDF] Read Online × This is not only the definitive flyfishing guide to the Bahamas, but also i a very insightful book on logistics and non fishing pursuits on the islands and ii one of the finest fishing guides written for any area in the world, which is an especially great accomplishment given the span of the area read to plan, or just read to dream Essential for anyone deciding on which island to go to, and which areas to fish My only complaint that I personally wasn t able to help research this book by visiting fishing all areas covered.
Kim and Steve have done their homework As a fan of bahamian fly fishing and andros in particular this is the one book I d say that nails it I learned a lot of things including how little I knew I also liked the specific details of where to fish helpful since andros is SO vast.
If I was going to the Bahamas tomorrow I d have this book in my bag.
Stephen has set up a couple trips for me to the Bahamas, two very different types of trips, and I can tell you first hand that he and Kim know their stuff See that big guy on the poling platform on the cover I had the privilege and pleasure of fishing with him.
Having been to some of the places described in the book, and fished with some of the guides described in the book, I can say first hand it is right on the money I ll trust nobody else to set up my Bahamas fly fishing adventures, and this book is my first resource in planning my next trip.
I bought this for my boyfriend who is a fishing freak for our trip to the Bahamas I think I had fun reading it than he did These folks give so much information about the islands that I think it is a MUST for fishing widows and widowers It changed our plans as to where to go and what to do We fished and enjoyed other parts of the islands I laminated the cover cause we wore it out.
Well written, with a wealth of general information about the wonderful Bahamas If your interest in flyfishing is casual, this book is a good buy If you re avid, it s a must.
I have traveled to the Bahamas on several ocassions on buisness as well as pleasure fishing Prior to going and while I m there, this book has provided valuable information and suggestions Great refrence book A Comprehensive Guide To Fly Fishing And Adventure Travel In The Bahamas Lodges, Guides, Services, Tackle, Diving, And Fun, informative, so readable A masterly job of detailing all the lovely possibilities of vacationing in the Bahamas I m planning my next trip with this book in hand.