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[Kathryn Kassai PT CES] ï The Bathroom Key: Put an End to Incontinence [queer-lit PDF] Read Online Ð So this book makes me furious with every GYN doc I have been to and complained about my lack of control Do kegels they say but no one ever took the time to say are you doing kegels correctly, do you realize if you do them correctly you can almost ENTIRELY cure yourself of leakageno one ever said that I also located a local PT who specializes in care for women who taught me through biofeedback how to properly do them, gave me exercises and really enlightened me on this You DO NOT have to live with leakage, accidents whether you ve had children, whether you have a weak pelvic floor and I ve lived years with this embarrassing problem The medical community is doing a huge disservice by not educating women better about this and I made my PT promise she will market heavily to gyn offices to tell women they can help themselves A MUST read Nothing new in this book Had such high expectations only to be disappointed.
Excellent book Very practical Great suggestions, easy to understand.
When I read the write up on this book I naturally thought that this was just another boring book that just dealt with medical matters only especially as it was from America but as I started to read it I was slightly amazed as it dealt with this very embarrassing problem in a very human way.
Every page was written in a very practical and helpful way which was very easy to understand.
Yes I can most certainly recommend this book to any one who has this very embarrassing problem.
Fantastic book I am developing a pelvic rehab incontinence program to use with older adults, and this book have been one of my go to resources Very thorough and well laid out.

A must have book for women I read it cover to cover Such a lot of information You wont regret ever buying this book if you have any concerns over your pelvic floor strength or have stress incontinence as do 9.
6mllion women in uk You are not alone An accolade to the authors Brilliant For every woman who has given birth or has had the joy of living a long life this book is a must I don t think women know what is available to them for all kinds of incontinence for treatment and cure this book tells it all and encourages one follows the plan to an easier time.
A must for any woman who is starting to worry when they sneeze Very clearly written and will give the reader confidence that they will experience positive results from the suggested exercises In a very short time, I am already experiencing significant improvements.
This book fromis full of important information for the lay person and professionals.
Well written ,easy to read and understand.
A must read for anyone with this problem Pat Russell Urinary Incontinence Is An Underdiagnosed And Underreported Condition With Major Economic And Psychosocial Effects On Society Women Are Likely To Experience It Due To Issues With The Pelvic Floor Brought On By Pregnancy And Menopause The Bathroom Key Is A Treatment Plan For Women To Cure Their Own Incontinence Issues It Also Allows Women To Identify With Other Women Through The Anecdotal Stories That Echo Their Feelings Of Isolation And Embarrassment Written In Easy To Understand Language, The Book Is A Genuine Teaching Tool, Guiding The Reader To A Better Understanding Of Her Body And Effective Remedies Whereas In Recent Years Some Mention Of The Kegel Muscles And Exercises Have Become Common Knowledge, This Book Is Much Than Just Kegels By Incorporating Key Elements Of The Physical Therapy Approach In This Book, The Reader Will Be Encouraged To Self Assess, Modify Behaviors, Re Train Her Bladder, Alter Dietary Habits, And Practice A Variety Of Exercises To Self Treat And Cure Her Incontinence In Most Cases Urinary Incontinence Is Completely Treatable With Physical Therapy Women Can Regain Bladder Control, Not Have To Take Medications, Throw Away Pads And Regain Their Dignity The Bathroom Key IsWritten In A Friend To Friend Style That Reveals The Secrecy Around Urinary Incontinence Through Real Life Stories Of Women Dealing With The Embarrassing And Life Altering Symptoms Advocates For PT As Something That Can Radically Help The Problem Lists A Variety Of Behavioral And Practical Exercises And Allow People To Self Treat At Home And Also Tells Them When They Need To See A Physical Therapist