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[ Read Online The Battle for Mozambique: The Frelimo-Renamo Struggle, 1977-1992 Ð growth-mindset PDF ] by Stephen A. Emerson Ð Actually quite good and includes much that I did not know Could do with in the way of maps.
Nominated For The Association Of Third World Studies Toyin Falola Africa Book Award For The Sixteen Year Long War In Mozambique Between The Frelimo Government And Renamo Rebels Remains One Of The Most Overlooked And Misunderstood Of The Conflicts That Raged Across Africa During The Height Of The Cold War While Usually Viewed As Mere Sideshow To High Profile Wars In Angola, Rhodesia And Within Apartheid South Africa Itself, It Nonetheless Is Noteworthy In Its Complexity, Duration And Destructiveness Before It Was All Over In At Least One Million Mozambicans Would Be Dead, Millions Homeless And The Country Lying In Ruins Ultimately Frelimo Would Get Its Victory Not On The Battlefield But Rather At The Polling Booth In Based On Than A Decade Of Meticulous Research, A Review Of Thousands Of Pages Of Military Records And Documents, And Dozens Of In Depth Interviews With Political Leaders, Diplomats, Generals, And Soldiers And Sailors, This Book Tells The Story Of The War From The Perspective Of Those Who Fought It And Lived It It Follows Renamo S Growth From Its Rhodesian Roots In As A Weapon Against Robert Mugabe S Zimbabwean Nationalist Guerrillas Operating From Mozambique Through South African Patronage In The Early S To Renamo S Evolution As A Self Sufficient Nationalist Insurgency In Tracing The Ebb And Flow Of The Conflict From The Rugged Mountains And Savannah Forests Of Central Mozambique Across The Hot, Humid Zambezi River Valley And Down To The Very Outskirts Of The Mozambican Capital In The Far South, It Examines The Operational Strategy Of Frelimo And Renamo Commanders In The Field, The Battles They Fought And The Lives Of Their Troops In Doing So It Highlights Personal Struggles, Each Side S Successes And Failures, And The Missed Opportunities To Decisively Turn The Tide Of War Accordingly, This Book Provides The First Real Comprehensive Military History Of A War Too Long Neglected And Under Appreciated In The Chronicles Of Modern African History This book is simply excellent I am not aware of the accuracy of its historical account that is why I am reading it , but the presentation of the facts, the chronological organization, and the writing style make it a pleasant read This book suits perfectly for those readers who want a detailed description of the main military operations and strategic course of the war without losing the historical and political context of this forgotten episode of the Cold War in Africa.
Really useful book Gave me a great start on a subject I know nothing about Well researched, good timeline and comprehensive coverage.
A good account of this war Filled in a lot of gaps in a little recorded situation I do feel that nothing is finalised in Mozambique to this day and it will boil over again.

A fantastic read As a kid growing up in Zimbabwe I heard a lot of stories about this conflict but Emerson has, in my opinion, made an excellent attempt at telling the true story it really fills the gaps I also served in the ZNA with guys who served with 1 Para under the legendary Lt Col Dyck in Mozambique so I found Emerson s account of the assault on the Casa Banana base Gorogonsa fascinating as it s a battle I heard a lot of Renamo were known widely as Matsanga now I know why The role of the Rhodesian CIO in the formation of Renamo is another highlight of the book for me as well as the impact of the Cold War on the course of the war There is a lot of other information in this book I found revealing and I absolutely recommend it The long saga of wars that affected Mozambique started in Portuguese colonial days and lasted until Frelimo and Renamo agreed to the Rome Accords Supported at its birth by Rhodesian and later South African operators Renamo lacked the foreign cachet of the Frelimo government but had instead great skill as a guerrilla army The ups and downs of both sides who managed nearly 20 years of warfare , the interventions by other powers, and the destructive effect as the war destroyed populations and economies are ably rendered by Stephen Emerson Neither side was interested in surrender and war fed on war Too strong to be beaten, too weak to win both sides fought on until outsiders could help them out of the cycle.