Ï The Beach Book: Eleuthera, Bahamas Edition ¹ Download by á Mr. Bret Sigillo

Ï The Beach Book: Eleuthera, Bahamas Edition ¹ Download by á Mr. Bret Sigillo A must have for beach exploring on Eleuthera Some beaches have changed quite a bit or less sand for example, but this is all part of the adventure with Mother Nature The pace of development on Eleuthera is astounding, and includes a billion dollar Disney cruise ship terminal in the works for the formerly pristine southern tip of the island Many of the beaches described are now or soon will be accessible only to those in the gated communities that will soon totally dominate the southern half of the island 10 years ago, this island was still virtually free of commercialism, the reefs were some of the best in the Caribbean and the beaches were as tranquil as they were beautiful The coral is now showing the ravages of bleaching from excessive heat and disease, and many of the the beaches are snarled in plastic debris and or being sold off for multimillion dollar lots The island is becoming a poster child for what happens when economic interests win out over the local culture and environment.

I travel a lot I read and buy a ton of guidebooks This one has to be my favourite hands down The layout is great and easy to use, all the information is relevant and there is no useless filler that a lot of other books have This book made my vacation in Eleuthera Before we left we choose the beaches we wanted to see, rented a car on the island and then just followed the directions in the book You re vacation to Eleuthera won t be complete without it.
The book is great but is put together very poorly All the pages are falling out of my book and everyone I know that has the book has been having the same problem.
The Ultimate Guide To ALL Of Eleuthera, Bahamas Beaches The Book Is Complete With Maps, Detailed Directions, Stunning Photos, And Important Tid Bits Of Information That Can Only Be Obtained By Someone Who Has Been There, Seen That, And Told AllSome Who Have Never Been To Eleuthera, Or To The Bahamas, May Wonder Why They Need Such A Guide Picture A Charming Tropical Island, But One Without Signs, Clear Landmarks, And Many Well Paved Roads Most Of The Beaches Are Accessible, But Only If You Know How To Get There The Roads Are Often Nothing Than Rough Pock Laden Trails Cut Through Dense Jungle Brush Planning Your Trip Is Important So That You Understand The Conditions And Travel Times Even The Well Known Beaches Can Be Tricky To Find And, With Choices, You Want To Choose The BestWhy, Then, Would Anyone Go To So Much Trouble To Find One Of These Hidden Beaches Because Often At The End Of Your Journey Is Pure Majesty Having Miles Of Pristine Sand And Ocean Completely To Yourself With Unique Geographic Formations, Exquisite Snorkeling, And Extreme Privacy Is Well Worth The EffortLearn From Us So That You Can Plan, Arrive Safely, And Enjoy The Splendor That Is An Eleuthera Beach