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[ Pdf The Best of Annals of Improbable Research æ young-adult-romance PDF ] by Marc Abrahams á As a scientist and technical professional I couldn t put this book down I have kept up with the the Annals of Improbable Research for many years and this truly reflects some of the best efforts of scientists the world over In this volume we have works by legitimate Nobel prize winners, and lesser known works such as Gummy Worm on a Sidewalk by Kate and Jesse Eppers, ages 12 and 10, respectively In their conclusion they noted that We came to a conclusion that three out of five people will accidentally step on a gummy worm thrown on a sidewalk Brilliant Highlights for me include The Laser Cheese Raclette, The Effects of Peanut Butter on the Earth s Rotation, and, of course, Internet Barbie and the Time Caplet There are too many to go into, but almost all are delightful I guess the only minor critique would be of the couple of pages of limericks, which I find a bit trying, particularly when the subject matter is Mastodon, Mother, and Babe.
Overall a wonderful, humorous look at scientists and science through a very different lens than most are used to.
Takes A Humorous Look At Science And Research, Discussing Studies Involving The Mickymouse Gene, The Effects Of Peanut Butter On The Rotation Of The Earth, Fifty Ways To Love Your Liver, And Failure Of Electric Shock Treatment For Rattlesnake Envenomation everyone should read this book a journey into the way intelligent people let off steam The questionnaire attached to this review is very inappropriate Because of the nature of this work, it thereby becomes fitting.
Someone in really ought to open the cover of some of these works to find out what they are asking us to review.
This work is a collection of articles done by people once attached to a periodical called the Journal of Irreproduceable ResultsThat was science at play.

This book came home with my spouse about a year ago to be placed in my reading pile I never could figure out what he was snickering at until I was looking for an article for math class What a find As a student teacher I ve used Aerodynamics of Potato Chips and Taxonomy of Barney for evaluation of scientific study and an introduction to scientific inquiry Most recently a classmate used Aerodynamics of Potato Chips with a group of middle school students who were interested in the distance of the standard toss as defined by the article much to the horror of the custodial staff From this initial investigation, the class moved into a formal study of aerodynamics This book is science educators dream Fun and interesting articles that refocus attention, demonstrating that anything can be done scientifically, if one puts their mind to it Its also an insight into the humor of science as who better to make fun of science than those who do it I thought I was buying a book about funny things that have happened in the name of science, but that was not the case with this book It s just a collection of not so funny articles that have appeared in the magazine Annals of Improbable Research They are not funny, and, you won t learn anything new about the scientific world So, if you want to have a laugh while reading true stories about scientists, do not buy this book.