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[Danielle Noel] ✓ The Book of Tarot: A Guide for Modern Mystics [words PDF] Read Online Ý With great illustrations and easy explanations and great illustrations to go along with it, this is a great tarot book if you are looking for one.
As always, I am impressed with Danielle Noel s ability to draw you in with her beautiful illustrations collage art, color schemes and gold foil details This book is designed similarly in the style of her tarot deck in terms of art, colors, and title fonts.
This book covers a brief overview of how the artist came to the path of tarot reading, a snippet about the tarot s history and a description of how you can use the tarot for self reflection and spiritual guidance This guide then opens up into the explanation and keywords associate with both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of the tarot Lastly, this title wraps up with a few tarot spreads to get you on your way of self discovery and spiritual growth I have a few pros and cons PROS Beautifully written Danielle Noel has a very poetic way of writing that makes you feel calm and reflective There is no doubt that you are reading a book that is to help you with a spiritual journey A few words may require a dictionary if you re new to the language of Noel or at least for me , but overall one easy, non complicated read Organized and concise Her ideas are clearly labeled and headed appropriately, which make for great referencing later when you want to return back to a topic Quality book design and clear imagery The pages are relatively thick and great for note taking if you re that type of reader All images of tarot cards inside are clear and vibrant Each card description comes with a short list of Questions To Ask, which make great journaling prompts for tarot study This book focuses on The Starchild Tarot If you do not have this tarot deck or you re on the fence about purchasing it, this book is a great way to test the cards to see if you will connect to them as well as learning information about them I have had at least one tarot deck where the guidebook was SO good and informative, I really didn t need the cards or cared to use the actual cards and wished they book was sold separately With this new title s release, you can eat your cake and have it too.
CONS Although it is beautifully written, I really and truly wish there were MORE information about some of the topics she mentioned, like the history of tarot, or even an account of her own spiritual practice and how you can develop your own I know it s labeled as The Book of Tarot but IT IS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THE GUIDEBOOK THAT COMES WITH THE CARDS What about the guide to modern mystics part I own both the 2nd Edition Akashic versions of The Starchild Tarot one with borders and one without and I have read the guidebook backward and forwards in my study of the cards for the last month, consistently I have actually put this book and the deck s guidebook side by side when reading to see the difference There are slight differences here and there the wording is different, but basically the concepts and keywords are the exact same as the guidebook UNLIKE the tarot guidebook, there is no added information about chakras.
which I was really looking forward to as my knowledge about it is only limited to what is published in The Starchild Tarot s card deck guide.
Overall, I am not disappointed with my purchase as I am a huge fan of Danielle Noel s works and anyone else who is, will enjoy this no matter what However, from a non biased perspective, unless you are completely new to Danielle Noel and her tarot decks, you aren t going to get much information from this title than what you already have with the tarot card s guidebook I highly recommend this book to those who are new to The Starchild Tarot and have NOT acquired the tarot deck yet This is a great tool to have to see if you d like the actual tarot deck And as a last and final note, I am not certain why, but the Akashic large sized card Six of Wands is illustrated differently in the traditional size card All the guidebooks this one, and the two books for the decks depict the illustration Six of Wands from the traditional size deck I am not sure why the large Akashic sized cards has a different Six of Wands illustration, but I wished it was the same throughout.
Disappointing tarot guide, underwhelming in every way.

I have a few different tarot books and this one is by far my favourite It s clear, concise and also beautifully put together.
Well done Danielle Noel I was itching for this book to come out and was not disappointed The book is well put together and I adore the fact that she went with colored photos For anyone that owns The Starchild Tarot, this book gives you a richer meaning to the deck itself However, this isn t to isolate the basis of the book, which is it explains the meaning of the cards for any RWS deck Love it I really like this, but I do not have Danielle s tarot deck that corresponds with this book I would recommend purchasing this ONLY if you do not have the starchild tarot deckits basically the same as the guidebook from what I can tell But because I m waiting to purchase the new moonchild deck instead, I m really happy I grabbed this book It s very pretty.
This book is beautiful in so many ways, but the clear and easy to use descriptions have been wonderful to absorb and read through Danielle has a poetic way with words too, and she shares her deep knowledge of the tarot in a way that is both uplifting and refreshing I have her larger Starchild deck, and the smaller guide works as a different version from this new one I have gone through all of the pages and compared, and it s clear she has revised a lot of the definitions with updated information and has elaborated with the images, which was not originally added in the smaller guide, so I much appreciate that, as I was curious of how she came up with a lot of the stunning imagery she created, and now I know This was mostly why I wanted the book Thank you for this I am pleasantly surprised I am gifting another copy to a friend who is also looking forward to this new edition.
More Than A Guidebook, The Book Of Tarot Offers A Space In Which To Set Goals And Intentions With Clarity And Purpose With Both Clarity And Warmth, Seasoned Practitioner Danielle Noel Instructs Readers In Using The Tarot As A Tool For Self Understanding, Meditation, And Soulful Introspection I find that sometimes I don t connect with the messages she gives for the cards with my traditional Rider Waite deck When looking at the cards she illustrated, I can definitely see the connection but she mentions in the beginning that this guidebook can be used with any deck but some of the messages just don t fit Also, I almost always feel shorted when it comes to the messages for reversed cards There s just not enough information for me as a beginner to truly understand I also find that there aren t even any keywords for reversals or better yet the keywords are not labeled which ones are meant for the card when it s upright and which ones are for the card when it s reversed The book is beautifully written and laid out There s just not a lot enough information for a beginner in my opinion.
I don t own either of Danielle s tarot decks but the illustrations are breathtaking and I plan to buy both of them.